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Aurora Teen Driver Accident Lawyer

Learning how to drive is one of the many steps that is viewed as marking a transition into adulthood. That being said, teen drivers are still novices and may not possess the same level of skill or same amount of experience as older drivers do. As a result, incidents of teen driver accidents can be quite common. When your teenager is involved in that kind of experience it is normal to feel overwhelmed, which is where a qualified Aurora teen driver accident lawyer can help. A compassionate and capable car accident attorney can work with you and your teen, in an attempt to ensure that you receive the benefits that you deserve. En Español.

When Can a Teen Learn to Drive?

As a teen driver accident could affirm, a person can take driver’s education courses at the age of 15 in Aurora, and they also must be 15 to obtain their learner’s permit. There are not many exceptions, except for people living in rural communities who might drive a tractor or farm equipment, there may be an exemption for getting a farm permit versus a learner’s permit behind the wheel.

The teen must do 60 hours with an instructor before taking their driver’s license test. They have to also take a written test before taking the driving test. If a person gets their driver’s license at 16, that person has full driving privileges at 21. If the person waits until that person is 18 to take their driver’s test, that person is granted full driving privileges at that time. Anyone under the age of 25 is considered a novice driver.

Fact Patterns in Teen Driver Accidents

The most common causes of teen driving accident scenarios are distracted driving by friends or other teenagers in the vehicle, cell phone usage, and regular distracted driving. It is the number one cause of teen accidents. The most common places are going to be in and around schools or shopping centers where teens frequent. Teens are more likely to be in car accidents, because of their lack of experience. The biggest risk associated with teen driving is they do not have the experience to properly gauge and react to a situation.

Steps to Take Following an Accident

If a teen is ever involved in a car accident, they should first call 911 and then their parents. The teen driver should make sure they take pictures, they talk to witnesses, and they get information from the dependents as far as the insurance information and driver’s license.

If a teen driver is involved, the insurance rates are going to go up following an accident. The rates are higher for drivers under the age of 25. It is also important for the teen or the teen’s parents to consult an Aurora teen driver accident attorney.

The biggest step a parent can take to help prevent their teen from being involved in a car accident in the future is to lead by example. They can make sure that they understand not to use their cell phone, not to allow their teenager to drive with friends in the car and not drive after dark.

Contacting an Aurora Teen Driver Accident Attorney

When looking for an Aurora teen driver accident lawyer, you should look for someone who has compassion and could communicate with the children’s hospital or has a contract with a domestic provider that specializes in adolescent injuries. The attorney could also work with you to build a strong personal injury claim, and fight for a positive outcome for you and your teenage driver. Speak to a skilled lawyer today and know that you are in good hands.

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