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Damages in an Aurora Spinal Cord Injury Case 

The extent of the damages in an Aurora spinal cord injury case that person can expect to recover is going to depend on the severity of the injury itself as well as where it happened along the spinal column. It could be severe enough to cause a complete paralysis so they cannot feed, bathe, and take care of themselves. They may need someone to move them around, or at least have a motorized wheelchair with special controls so that they can move themselves around. Another severe case but not as severe just could cause the loss of use of their legs. Regardless of the extent of the injury, if you wish to pursue a spinal cord injury case an attorney is instrumental. Speak to a capable spinal cord injury lawyer and know that you are in good hands.

Treatment Options and Treatment Option Expenses

There is nothing a person can do to help the spinal cord heal itself, so most things are revolved around helping the person accept and live with their injuries and that could include feeding themselves, with retraining the use of the arms or legs, that sort of thing. 

Surgeries can get very expensive in order to stabilize the injury and prevent it from getting worse. With this type of injury, fractures to the vertebrae are common because there is often blunt trauma to that area and they can go into surgery and add different devices on the bones to help themselves heal. They can also do physical therapy and rehabilitation to help retrain the muscles and the way the brain relays information to the muscles and everything, and also to help them start walking again or use their arms. 

What Effect Can This Have On a Persons Family?

The effects on the family can be very significant. Family members may have to do pretty much everything for that person such as feeding, clothing, bathing, cleaning themselves and that sort of thing. If the injured person was the primary bread winner of their family, they are not going to be able to do that after the spinal cord injury. This will have pretty significant effects on their finances to be able to pay the monthly bills and of course the medical expenses. 

The person with a spinal cord injury is going to have to be a priority. As soon as the family member or friend gets up, they are going to have to check on them, help them out of bed and help them take care of themselves. The person that is injured is always going to have to come first and that can be a pretty huge burden on the family. 

Recovering Damages

The family themselves will not be able to get a recovery for themselves unless the person they are taking care of was already incapacitated – that could be mentally or physically – and they had taken them in. Usually, it is going to be the person who is injured who is going to get money on behalf of their family to be able to take care of them. Damages in an Aurora spinal cord injury case can go towards a multitude of things including cleaning their house, hiring a nurse to feed them, bathe them, give medication, and any other cost related to their care.

These accidents are typically going to affect the person for the rest of their life. An attorney can start off by working with an economist and look at the type of job that the person can get given their injuries as well as the type of job they had before. They are earning less now, the economist can factor that in as well as look at things such as yearly bonuses, promotions within a company as well as 401K contributions and that sort of thing and they can calculate that out and immediately show what the person lost over the next 50 years, for example.

 An attorney can also work with a life care planner and this person does basically the same thing – they show how the person cannot take care of the yard, for example, so they need to find someone who can do that on a regular basis and of course that costs money. In more serious accidents, they may need daily care from a nurse and this person has to come to the house.  The life care planner can factor that all in and put a dollar value on it so that the attorney and planner assure that the victim is receiving the proper care and can afford to keep receiving that care in the future.

Role of a Lawyer

The lawyer is going to handle pretty much everything. The injured party will just need to sit back and recover from their injuries as best as they are able to given their treatment and severity of their injury, and the attorney will handle the liability as well as prove that the injuries are related to the accident and not only can include hiring experts, working with the person’s doctors and ensuring that the medical records are accurately representing, but also know what is going on with the treatment and the injuries and diagnosis. Recovering damages in an Aurora spinal cord injury case can be difficult to do alone which is why you should contact an Aurora personal injury lawyer today.

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