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Unique Aspects of Aurora Motorcycle Accidents  

Motorcycle accidents can be frightening. One of the unique aspects of Aurora motorcycle accidents is that unlike a car accident, the victim has less protection around them. That lack of protection can increase the severity of injuries and can have fatal consequences for an individual which is why if you have been in a motorcycle accident, you should contact a lawyer. An experienced accident attorney can collect the necessary evidence, keep track of your medical expenses, and help you pursue damages if you choose to do so.

Vehicle Classification

In Aurora, Colorado, it is illegal for one to operate a motorcycle on a public street or highway in Colorado unless they have a valid license that specifically authorizes the operation of such vehicle. A general motorcycle endorsement M, on a driver’s license, qualifies a person to ride a two or three-wheeled motorcycle. Scooters and other low-power vehicles under 50cc or that have a speed capacity of less than 40 miles per hour do not qualify as motorcycles in Aurora, Colorado, and they do not need an M endorsement but they must have at least a basic driver’s license to operate the motor scooters.

Differences Between Car and Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are different from automobile accidents because they tend to be more serious. One of the unique aspects of Aurora motorcycle accidents is that a motorcyclist is not as protected as a driver who is encapsulated inside of a vehicle.The impact of accidents on a motorcycle rider is usually more severe and can be even fatal.

A motorcycle rider is only limited to a leather coat and other optional protective gear they may be wearing. Therefore, if a driver of a motorcycle is hit, they are usually sent flying. Secondly, if a motorcycle rider lays down their motorcycle, the driver will usually suffer severe road rash at a minimum but most people who operate motorcycles who are involved in crashes will suffer a more serious severe injury.

When an individual is in a vehicle with the safety belt safely fastened, they will most likely not fly many feet because they are protected by the structure of their own car. A motorcycle does not have the steel outer skeleton acting as a liaison between the rider and the environment. A motorcyclist will immediately be thrown off the bike and they will get serious injuries.

Factors That Can Lead Motorcycle Accidents

One of the unique aspects of Aurora motorcycle accidents is when a driver runs a red light and strikes a motorcyclist. Motorcyclists are usually struck because they are not seen. People like to pull out in front of a motorcycle and a motorcycle rider usually has a difficult time maneuvering around that object that cut out in front of them, usually a car.

Another issue that motorcyclists face is when a car driver abruptly opens a car’s door without paying attention to who is coming down the road and motorcycle riders are usually sent flying over the door. In all the above scenarios, the injuries a motorcyclist will face are usually serious if not fatal.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Happen More Frequently Than Pedestrian Accidents

Motorcycles are usually never seen because they are usually lighter in color, they are faster, and this poses a problem when they are operating the motorcycle at a higher rate of speed which is one of the unique aspects of Aurora motorcycle accidents. Pedestrians are usually limited to a crosswalk but a motorcyclist shares the road with other vehicles.

This raises the probability of a collision because they are always on the road and exposed to all the elements of the roadways such as the weather conditions, intoxicated drivers, impaired drivers, aggressive drivers, and, lastly, the most volatile people, impatient drivers. A simple fender-bender can be quite dangerous if not fatal to a motorcycle rider.

Value of an Attorney

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can have a life-changing impact. The potential trauma and the cost of medical treatment can make coping with the accident even more difficult. Dealing with these unanticipated issues is difficult to do alone which is why a lawyer can be indispensable. Contact an experienced lawyer with an understanding of the unique aspects of Aurora motorcycle accidents. If you have been involved in an accident, an Aurora motorcycle accident lawyer can fight for the best possible outcome for you.

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