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Traffic Laws for Pedestrians in Aurora 

While drivers are sometimes at fault in pedestrian accidents, pedestrians can sometimes be negligent as well. When people do not observe traffic laws, they can end up being found negligent. If an individual wants to know more about traffic laws for pedestrians in Aurora, they should consult a knowledgeable pedestrian accident lawyer. A qualified pedestrian accident attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to build a solid pedestrian accident case for a person.

Traffic Laws for Pedestrians

In Aurora, pedestrians must be within the crosswalk and must adhere to the walking signals or legends. The law that gives pedestrians the right of way within a crosswalk requires that motorists approaching a crossing adjust their speed or direction to avoid colliding with the pedestrian. Motorists who enter an intersection are bound to anticipate pedestrians in the crosswalk and must maintain a proper lookout for pedestrians.

On the flipside, pedestrians must also make sure that when they enter a crosswalk, they are aware of their surroundings and know where the vehicles are coming from. They should check to see if anyone is driving erratically. When a car wants to turn right, they should be ready to react if necessary. Although pedestrians may have the right of way, they must exercise reasonable care and walk with due regard to the existing conditions including road conditions, weather conditions, or driver conditions. Pedestrians have the right to assume that drivers will proceed with due regard for their safety and not violate the traffic laws. However, a pedestrian should never assume that a driver will do what they are required to do.

How Do Traffic Laws Apply to Pedestrians?

Traffic laws for pedestrians in Aurora apply in the same way they do to motorized vehicles. When a pedestrian has a green light or the walk signal, they are supposed to walk. When they have a red light or red walk signal, they are not supposed to walk; they must stop.

The yellow blinking light poses another issue. When a pedestrian thinks they can cross and make it to the other side safely, they should do so. However, they must be mindful and maintain a proper lookout for oncoming traffic or other vehicles in the roadway. The pedestrian has no protection. Should the pedestrian miscalculate what other vehicles are doing, they may miscalculate with their life.

Insurance Companies and Pedestrian Accidents

People jaywalk and can be crushed by a vehicle. Although the jaywalker is in the wrong, some insurance companies provide compensation because the injuries are so severe and they have in excess of $250,000 in medical bills. It is not a fight that the insurance companies want to have. Even though a pedestrian may be at fault on paper, there are ways to get around that fact. An injured pedestrian should contact a personal injury lawyer who can review their case and make a determination on what is best suited for them.

Important Reasons to Follow Traffic Laws

A pedestrian should maintain and follow the traffic laws because failure to follow traffic laws for pedestrians in Aurora can mean life or death. A pedestrian is unprotected versus a two-ton machine; the odds are stacked against the pedestrian. When a pedestrian is not following a law, their damages in the state of Colorado can be reduced based on a theory of comparative negligence. Comparative negligence is a legal word for what percentage the person is at fault in causing this collision. The percentage differs based on the decision of a jury and insurance company. A person never wants to be in a position as a pedestrian and deemed comparatively negligent.

The person’s medical bills are usually high. If the person was hit by a motorized vehicle, being found comparatively negligent means the person must pay for those medical bills. The insurance company pays only a portion of the bills and the person is responsible for the remaining balance. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the pedestrian to abide by a traffic control legends and only use marked crosswalks to ensure their safety.

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