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Wrongful Death of a Minor in Aurora

The death of a child is every parent’s worst nightmare, and no person wants to consider that such an event could occur. Wrongful death cases involving a minor are frequently heard throughout Colorado, as they can help provide closure for grieving families. If you lost a child due to the action’s of another party, you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out to a seasoned lawyer who has experience handling cases involving the wrongful death of a minor in Aurora. A compassionate wrongful death attorney could help you find closure by holding the at-fault party responsible for your child’s unexpected passing.

Recovering Damages after a Child’s Wrongful Death

A plaintiff in a wrongful death suit for a deceased child in Aurora could recover economic and non-economic losses. In a minor’s case, the attorney could focus on what the minor could have earned as a vocation in the future to maximize the family’s recovery. A wrongful death claim must always have an at-fault party. The plaintiff may have a solatium as an option, but the death typically must stem from the result of an individual’s negligence. Solatium is a flat award of money that is adjusted for inflation and is awarded in lieu of non-economic damages.

How do Wrongful Death Cases Differ for Adults and Minors?

In Aurora, anyone pursuing a wrongful death case must demonstrate what income the decedent could have earned over the course of their lifetime in order to recover their economic losses. For cases involving minors, however, the plaintiff must also demonstrate that the person who died was under the age of 18. Since the minor most likely did not have a job, it could be difficult to calculate an appropriate amount of economic damages after their passing compared to adults who held jobs before their passing. It is therefore crucial to retain a lawyer who is experienced in calculating damages in the event of a minor’s wrongful death in Aurora.

Common Causes of Children’s Wrongful Deaths

The most common cause of a minor’s wrongful death in Aurora is the malfunctioning of a car seat. Auto collisions, biking accidents, and pedestrian accidents may also lead to fatalities of minors. Also, if a minor collapses while being active and is discovered to have a pre-existing condition that led to their death, the child’s family could still pursue a wrongful death claim to recover their damages. Whenever the death was caused by a negligent party, an attorney could help pursue compensation for a child’s surviving family.

Consult an Aurora Attorney after the Wrongful Death of a Minor

When pursuing a case for the wrongful death of a minor in Aurora, consider enlisting the help of a compassionate and dedicated lawyer. Our team could stand by your side during this difficult time and help you seek justice for the loss of your child. Let our lawyers help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Although no amount of compensation could make up for the loss of a child, our firm could help you find closure, so call today to set up a consultation.

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