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Denver SSDI Requirements and Evaluations

Social Security disability benefits are an invaluable necessity for many people. However, many Denver SSDI applicants run into difficulties fulfilling SSA requirements, and physicians sometimes give unfavorable evaluations. For this reason, many people choose to retain a legal professional for assistance.

With a lawyer at your side, you may be able to complete the SSDI process in a favorable amount of time. In addition, an attorney could protect you from suspicious health evaluations by physicians appointed an insurance company. To learn more, schedule a consultation today.

Work Requirements for Receiving SSDI

To receive SSDI, one must have accumulated enough work credits with the Social Security Administration. Social Security has a record of every job that anyone ever worked where money is taken out of their paychecks for Social Security benefits. To qualify for disability benefits under the SSDI program, a person must work five out of the last 10 years, but those five years do not have to be consecutive. As long as someone accumulates five years of credits where money was taken out of their check to accumulate in their own Social Security account for retirement, they are eligible for SSDI.

Applicants should also note that there are no work requirements for SSI because it is an indigency program. By definition, an individual must be indigent. Meaning that the applicant should not be capable of working and that they have no assets nor income.

Limits of Social Security Benefits

There is no solid limit to Social Security disability benefits. If a person qualifies for the program, they would be paid from the time they are disabled. However, Social Security reserves the right to check on a person’s disability form time to time to verify that they are still disabled. If the Social Security Administration determines that someone is no longer disabled, they can take the person off disability.

Unfavorable Evaluations by an Assigned Physician

If a person is advised by their doctor that they should not continue to work and the SSA claims their disability does not qualify them for SSDI benefits, they should hire an attorney. An attorney could utilize various methods to improve a claimant’s chances of winning disability benefits. Many times an individual does not understand that if their physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or chiropractor sends a letter to Social Security that says they are disabled, that counts for almost nothing with Social Security. One needs to have a medical doctor who has followed the claimant’s condition for a lengthy period of time. The longer the doctors follow the claimant’s condition, the greater the probability of the claim being approved.

Benefits of Working with a Legal Professional

One of the main benefits of hiring an attorney is that a lawyer could make sure that a claimant continues to see a doctor to establish a detailed medical record of what is going on with a person’s complete physical condition. If a claimant goes to a doctor for a one-time evaluation and the doctor says the claimant is disabled, the claimant has almost no chance of winning their disability claim. A lawyer could make sure that a doctor’s opinion is based on a lengthy period of appointments and treatments with the primary treating physician.

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