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Burns are some of the most traumatic injuries a person could suffer. Burns devastate the largest organ in the body, the skin. Healing from severe burns is a slow, excruciatingly painful process.

If you or a loved one suffered burns in an accident, contact an Englewood burn injury lawyer right away. If someone else’s negligence contributed to the accident that led to the burns, significant monetary compensation could be available to you and your family. To learn more, schedule a consultation with a professional attorney today.

Allocating Responsibility is Critical First Step

When seeking damages for a burn injury, the injured individual must establish that negligence on someone else’s part was the primary cause of the accident. Claimants prove negligence by demonstrating that a party failed to uphold a duty and the claimant’s injuries resulted from that failure. The claimant also must prove that they suffered an actual injury. An attorney representing a burn injury victim could gather any existing evidence about an accident that helps to establish that someone else’s negligence was primarily responsible.

Sometimes a claimant suffers burns because a product was defective in some way. In that case, a claimant usually needs to demonstrate that a flaw in the product’s design or manufacture rendered it unreasonably dangerous when used in a way that the manufacturer should have anticipated. A claimant also may be able to seek damages on a claim if the instructions for use or safety warnings were inadequate, and that this deficiency led to the accident that caused the claimant’s burns.

Types of Compensation Available in a Burn Injury Claim

It can be hard to comprehend how much a severe burn injury costs a family over the victim’s lifetime. Money damages are available to cover actual expenses and offer some compensation for the intangible costs of a serious injury. Working with an Englewood attorney can help a burn injury victim calculate how much compensation is owed.

Economic Damages Offer Reimbursement

Economic damages have a known dollar value or a value that can be calculated with certainty. Some examples of economic damages are medical expenses, costs of accommodating a disability that results from the injury, lost wages, diminished future earning potential, and costs associated with treating the emotional distress of dealing with the accident and its aftermath.

Non-Economic Damages Compensate for Unquantifiable Losses

Non-economic damages compensate for injuries that do not have a dollar value. A claimant can seek non-economic damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish, scarring and disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and similar consequences of a serious accident.

Limitations on Recoverable Damages

Colorado law caps the total amount of non-economic damages a claimant may receive at $468,010 for accidents that happened before Jan 1, 2020, and at $636,030 for accidents that happen between Jan 1, 2020 and Dec 31, 2022. If a claimant has clear and convincing evidence that these amounts are inadequate under the circumstances a court may award higher amounts, despite the cap—up to $936,030 for accidents occurring before Jan.1, 2020, and up to $1,227,530 for accidents that happen after that date.

A Burn Injury Attorney Can Provide Necessary Expertise and Support

Recovering from a serious burn is an arduous process and it may not be possible, or wise, for a patient or their family to try to anticipate current financial losses or future needs. It is prudent for the patient and their family to focus on healing.

Hiring an attorney as soon as possible after an accident can be a tremendous help. Getting experienced counsel on their side early allows the patient and their family to prepare for the future with confidence. Contact an Englewood burn injury lawyer to discuss your case with a committed, compassionate legal professional.

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