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Evans Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Paralysis injuries can affect every aspect of your life, from your ability to live independently to your ability to financially support yourself through employment. When the negligence of others leads to an accident that causes you paralysis, you may be entitled to seek compensation for those negligent parties for your losses. An Evans paralysis injury lawyer may be able to help you determine if you have a cause of action against any other parties and pursue compensation.

Not only are you likely to experience difficulties with mobility, self-care, and financial support following paralysis injuries, but you also may experience a diminished quality of life. Ongoing rehabilitation and other medical expenses are not inexpensive, so obtaining compensation from the responsible parties may be necessary to get the support that you need. To get started on your case, contact a trusted attorney about your rights in this situation.

Common Forms of Paralysis Injuries in Evans

The leading causes of paralysis are strokes, spinal cord injuries, and congenital disorders, such as muscular dystrophy. A spinal cord injury caused by some accidents, including motor vehicle accidents, swimming accidents, and slips and fall accidents, can result from the negligence of others. When this situation occurs, individuals may have a personal injury claim against all negligent parties.

Paralysis may affect some or all parts of the body. For people with quadriplegia, paralysis impacts all limbs and the torso. Paraplegia, on the other hand, affects the body only from the waist down. Either type of paralysis, however, is likely to be permanently debilitating.

The degree of paralysis depends upon the location of the injury and the severity of the damage. For example, injury to the cervical vertebrae, or the highest level of vertebrae, can cause a loss of sensation and movement in all their limbs and torsos, as well as difficulties breathing. A paralysis injury lawyer in Evans may be able to assist individuals who have suffered paralysis injuries at the hands of others.

Seeking Damages for Paralysis Injuries

The extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, and in-home care that typically is necessary for people living with paralysis can be prohibitively expensive. When combined with an inability to work and earn an income, paralysis injury victims can find themselves in a difficult financial situation. If negligence led to their injuries, they might be able to pursue the negligent parties for the costs of their losses.

Damages in a personal injury action can cover various expenses, including those for:

  • Medical care, rehabilitation, therapy, and home health care
  • Loss of income and future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Renovations to homes and vehicles to accommodate wheelchairs and other medical assistive devices

Other items of damages may include property damage for cars involved in motor vehicle accidents, the costs of personal aides to retain independence, and more. Damages can consist of not only current expenses, but also expenses that injury victims expect to incur in the future as a result of their injuries. An Evans paralysis injury lawyer can be instrumental in ensuring that you pursue and obtain all items of compensation to which you may be entitled.

An Evans Paralysis Injury Attorney May Be Able to Help

Paralysis injuries are likely to have catastrophic consequences for you and your family. You may be unable to return to work or live on your own due to the severity of your injuries. When the irresponsibility of others has caused your injuries, you may be able to pursue damages with the help of an Evans paralysis injury lawyer.

When you find yourself in this position, you need to look to the future. Through a personal injury claim, you may be able to hold negligent parties responsible for their misconduct and gain the compensation that you deserve. In doing so, you both can seek justice and ensure that you have the funds to secure the medical care that you need in this situation.

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