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Evans Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Depending on the severity of a brain injury, you may experience a lifetime of medical issues and cognitive difficulties. In many cases, traumatic brain injuries arise from motor vehicle accidents and other types of accidents due to the negligence of others. If you have sustained a brain injury in an accident, you may want to talk with an Evans traumatic brain injury lawyer about your viable legal options for compensation.

When a traumatic brain injury initially occurs, your prognosis may be unclear. Although recovery is possible in some cases, long-term impairments are another possibility from this type of injury. A skilled catastrophic injury attorney may be able to evaluate the circumstances that led to your injuries and help you choose the most effective course of action in your case.

Symptoms and Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Evans

Traumatic brain injuries may range from mild concussions to catastrophic brain injuries that may be fatal in some situations. However, even a mild brain injury could lead to long-term difficulties. Some research now suggests that repeated concussions may make individuals more prone to develop degenerative brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

Symptoms of traumatic brain injuries may vary according to the severity of the injuries. Some signs of brain injuries appear soon after the trauma occurs, but others may not appear until days or even weeks following a blow to the head. Common symptoms of brain injuries may include:

  • Headache and nausea
  • Light and sound sensitivity
  • Sleepiness and fatigue
  • Disorientation or confusion

More severe brain injuries also can result in slurred speech, impaired motor skills or coordination, and loss of consciousness that can last from minutes to hours. The recovery time also varies depending on the extent of the injury, but the effects of a brain injury may be irreversible. A traumatic brain injury lawyer in Evans may be able to gather medical records and document the effects of the injury to seek compensation on behalf of injury victims.

Types of Brain Injuries in Evans

Traumatic brain injuries can be “closed” or “penetrating” injuries, depending on the circumstances that caused them. Penetrating injuries occur when a foreign object cracks and penetrates the skull. A direct laceration to the brain can cause significant and irreversible trauma.

The most common type of brain injury is a closed injury, in which the head stops so suddenly that the brain collides with the inside of the skull. These injuries often can result from the whiplash motion that occurs during motor vehicle accidents, as well as the head striking an object such as the windshield or steering wheel.

Available Damages in Traumatic Brain Injury Claims

When the negligence of others causes traumatic brain injuries, injury victims may be entitled to compensation from those potentially liable parties. For example, all drivers owe a reasonable duty of care to other motorists and their passengers. When drivers violate traffic laws and cause an accident resulting in injuries, those drivers may be responsible for the costs of those injuries.

Some of the damages that might be available in a personal injury claim stemming from a traumatic brain injury may include:

  • Loss of current and future income
  • Past and future medical bills
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Other possible forms of compensation may consist of expenses for medical assistive devices and renovations to homes and vehicles to accommodate mental or physical disabilities. Injury victims may be entitled to compensation for their current losses. However, they also may be eligible for damages for the financial expenses that they may incur in the future. An Evans traumatic brain injury lawyer may be able to assist individuals in obtaining the necessary compensation for their injuries.

Consult an Evans Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney for Help

Brain injuries can have a catastrophic effect on your personal and professional life, perhaps indefinitely. As your prognosis may be uncertain, you may wish to maximize any damages that you receive to account for future complications. By consulting an Evans traumatic brain injury lawyer, you may be in a better position to obtain the compensation that you deserve.

When you suffer an injury that is as devastating as a traumatic brain injury, you do not have to go through it alone. By enlisting the services of legal counsel, you may be able to hold negligent parties accountable for their wrongful actions.

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