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How long will the process take?
There are several stages to a claim. Your immediate concern will be seeking prompt medical attention. After that, you may need help with the property damage to your vehicle, such as repair or replacement if the vehicle was totaled, as...
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What happens if the person who hit me does not have insurance?
There are several ways in which that person might be covered. If they live with someone with a valid insurance policy, they may be covered as a resident relative. Or, if someone else owned the car, there may be a...
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Do you offer free consultations?
Yes. Just call (303)455-5030 to set up your FREE consultation. We will be happy to meet, discuss your claim, and advise you of your legal rights and options.
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How do my medical bills get paid?
The first thing we will find out is whether you have medical payments coverage under your own insurance policy. Colorado law now requires insurance companies to offer $5000 in medical payments coverage, although an individual can choose not to accept...
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