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Lakewood Bicycle Laws 

Bicycles are potentially dangerous, because anytime they are in an intersection, sudden cars, car doors, crosswalks, weather hazards, potholes, animals, and any other obstacle may be in the roadway. Any injury or incident that occurs while on a bicycle is often magnified and severe.

It is important to understand the Lakewood bicycle laws when on the road. You should reach out to a  knowledgeable bicycle accident attorney who could explain the various Lakewood bicycle laws and how it relates to your case.

Traffic Laws for Bicyclists

Denver traffic laws apply to bicycles as they do to vehicles. In Colorado, bicyclists and motorists have the same rights and responsibilities when using the public roads. They must obey traffic laws, signs, and signals. They should ride on the shoulder if a shoulder exists or on the right side of the road unless the shoulder is unsafe, the driver is preparing to make a left turn, or the driver is taking a slower-moving vehicle when riding on a one-way road and would prefer to ride on the left side. Whenever riding next to a parked car, they should allow enough space between their bike and the other cars so they do not have to suddenly change lane positions if a car door is open.

They could ride two abreast in a lane so as long as they do not impede with the flow of traffic. They should ride in single file to allow vehicles to pass and ride in single file when riding on a curve or canyon road. They should always try to signal on their hands a hundred feet in advance, either using their arms or some type of signal for the right turn. If they are signaling a right turn, they should either point to the right or raise their left arm in an L shape. At night they should ride with a white front light and a rear red light or a reflector.

Difference Between Motorcycles And Bicycles

Some ways bicycles are different from motorcycles are that they slower and they are not seen like motorbikes. They do not have the same colors like a motorcycle, so they do not stand out like bicycles, especially when they are in the flow of traffic. Potential consequences associate with bicycles differ from those associated with motorcycles, because a motorcycle requires a license but a bicycle does not. If someone receives a citation while on a motorcycle, it could affect their driver’s license. A citation on a bicycle would not affect their driver’s license.

Some Lakewood bicycle laws that apply to both types of vehicles are that they must adhere to the rules of the road and they must make sure that pedestrians in a crosswalk always have the right of way. In addition, both bicyclists and motorcyclists should have the same rights and responsibilities whenever they are using a public road.

What Are Some Laws That Apply To One, But Not The Other?

There are some Lakewood bicycle laws that apply to one, but not the other include that it is illegal for a bicycle to ride on the sidewalk. They should be riding with traffic, not against it. When passing a bicyclist, they should allow at least three feet of space between the widest point of their vehicle and the widest point of a cyclist. To pass a cyclist safely, they may cross a double yellow centerline when oncoming traffic is clear.

What Are The Insurance Requirements Surrounding Bicyclists?

The insurance requirements surrounding bicyclists in Denver is that no insurance is required when operating a bicycle. Insurance requirements could change if biking is a person’s primary method of transportation and the use of a bike is effectively like a car.

If someone is injured in a collision, they could use their uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage for the damages that they sustained in the loss if they have that coverage on their vehicle. Since there is no requirement for insurance on a bicycle, it is going to be contingent on what kind of coverage the injured party has on their vehicle.

Seek Help From an Experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyer Today

If you were injured in a bicycle crash, you should retain the assistance of a seasoned lawyer. A knowledgeable bike crash attorney could help you understand the Lakewood bicycle laws and help you seek compensation for damages. Schedule a consultation today.

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