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Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Thornton

Every automobile has blind spots. However, with a glance over the shoulder, side and rearview mirrors, and cameras, motorists in passenger vehicles have visibility of most places around the car.

Large commercial trucks are approximately 70 feet in length and take up the width of an entire lane. Even with many of today’s safety features, truck drivers are still extremely prone to blind spot crashes due to poor visibility. These accidents can be incredibly dangerous and even fatal for those in passenger vehicles. If you were harmed in a wreck caused by a negligent trucker, contact a lawyer skilled in blind spot truck accidents in Thornton. A seasoned legal professional could help you understand your compensation options.

Where Are the Blind Spots on Commercial Vehicles?

Commercial trucks have many large blind spots or “no-zones.” Being aware of these blind spots can help other motorists avoid these areas and protect themselves from truckers who may merge without seeing them. Blind spots in trucks include:

  • Directly in front of the cab- drivers should stay at least 20 feet in front of a truck
  • Most of the truck’s right side
  • The area directly behind the truck- motorists should remain at least 30 feet behind trucks
  • Beneath the cab mirror on the left side
  • Beneath the cab mirror on the right side and this area extends out for several feet

Although drivers can take steps to avoid being in a truck’s no-zones, it is a truck driver’s responsibility to drive safely and ensure all blind spots are clear before switching lanes. Any driver who is injured because of a trucker’s failure to check their blind spots properly should contact a Thornton attorney to review their options for compensation.

State Comparative Negligence Law

Comparative negligence refers to a situation where there is more than one party responsible for the accident. Under the Colorado Revised Statutes § 13-21-111, the plaintiff can recover compensation even if they hold partial responsibility. In those cases, the court will reduce the percentage they share in liability from the total award amount. If the award amount is $100,000 and the court finds them 10 percent liable, their total compensation would be $90,000.

Comparative negligence may come into play in a blind spot accident in cases where the injured motorist was breaking the law by speeding, driving under the influence, or otherwise driving recklessly. However, an at-fault truck driver or trucking company may also try to unfairly shift blame onto a driver who did not do anything to cause the accident. An experienced attorney can ensure that an injured party in Thornton does not face an unfair assignment of fault in a blind spot wreck.

Do Not Delay in Filing an Injury Claim after a Blind Spot Crash

After a collision, it is important to take swift legal action. Under Colorado Revised Statute § 13-80-101, an injured party must file a suit with the civil court within three years from the day of the accident. This timeframe applies to bodily harm and property damages the truck caused in the collision. If the crash and injuries result in the death of a motorist, the deceased’s family must file a legal action within two years of the crash.

Failing to file within the required timeframe could prevent an individual from recovering any compensation for their injuries after a blind spot wreck. A seasoned attorney could help an injured party ensure that all relevant paperwork is filed before the statute of limitations is up.

Discuss Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Thornton with a Dedicated Attorney

A crash that involves a much larger truck can change the course of your entire life. Trucks are bigger and heavier than all the other vehicles, and collisions often lead to extensive injuries and damages for the other motorists involved.

A lawyer specializing in blind spot truck accidents in Thornton could focus on legal work, negotiations, and communications while you focus on rest and recovery. Contact our office to get started on your claim.

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