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Jackknife Truck Accidents in Thornton

Because semi-trucks have a long body and heavy cargo, they risk losing traction and balance on the road. These circumstances could lead to a jackknife truck collision. When these crashes occur, the trailer slides ahead of the cab, causing the truck driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Jackknife truck accidents in Thornton usually involve a commercial truck and other cars. These wrecks can be incredibly dangerous and destructive, especially to those in passenger vehicles. If you or a loved one were injured in a jackknife truck crash, a dedicated lawyer could help you hold the at-fault driver accountable and seek the compensation you deserve.

The Nature of a Jackknife Truck Wreck

Jackknife truck crashes occur when, during a sudden stop or improper lane change, the wheels of the truck lock and the trailer continues to move forward. When this action occurs, it is not uncommon for the motion of the trailer swinging to the side to cause the truck to tip over. Truck drivers could help in preventing the truck from jackknifing by:

  • Maintaining safe stopping distances at all times
  • Breaking by gradually slowing down
  • Slowing down ahead of time, such as before approaching, turns

When a truck driver fails to take reasonable steps to prevent an accident from occurring, they could be liable for injuries that result. An attorney specializing in truck jackknife accidents in Thornton could help complete a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the crash.

Leading Causes of Jackknife Truck Collisions

There are many reasons that a jackknife crash may occur. Some of the most common in Thornton include:

Truck Driver Error

Truck drivers are often driving under strict timeframe requirements. Drivers may be groggy, driving erratically, or driving with distractions. Every driver makes an error from time to time. However, unfortunately, with commercial trucks, mistakes can often lead to severe and devastating crashes.

Poorly Maintained Trucks

Federal and state laws require that commercial trucks receive the proper maintenance at all times. However, to save time or money, sometimes trucking companies or drivers will put off scheduled maintenance. When this happens and an accident occurs, a court could hold the company or driver liable for the losses that result.

Unsafe Cargo

Laws restrict the weight a truck can safely carry. Yet, sometimes, drivers overload trucks or do not adequately secure the cargo. When a driver’s lack of following safety regulations causes a crash, they are responsible for the injuries and property damages they cause.

Poor Weather Conditions

Weather in Thornton can be unpredictable. Commercial trucking laws require that trucks find a safe place to stop during snowstorms or icy conditions. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. A driver could be held accountable by the court if their failure to account for weather conditions causes a wreck.

Filing an Injury Claim

An injured party must sue with the court within a specific timeframe for all personal injury cases. Per the Colorado Revised Statute § 13-80-101, an individual must bring a suit against a truck driver or company within three years of the crash.

If an individual misses the strict deadline for filing, a court may dismiss their case, leaving no other options for collecting compensation. A Thornton jackknife truck wreck attorney could handle the legal filings and ensure that a claim is filed in time.

Call Today to Speak with a Skilled Attorney About Your Jackknife Truck Accident Case in Thornton

Establishing liability and getting a fair and just settlement after jackknife trucking accidents in Thornton is a complex process. Trucking companies have attorneys and insurance companies protecting their interests and fighting on their behalf.

You need legal representation in your corner to fight back against big trucking companies and insurers. If a truck driver’s careless actions caused your injuries, reach out to a committed injury lawyer today.

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