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Nobody ever plans on being involved in a car accident, but when they happen, victims who are unprepared may find themselves in over their heads.

In addition to recuperating from injuries sustained in the crash, the victims must contend with the insurance company, the police, the other driver and the headache of paperwork associated with the incident. Even under the best circumstances possible, it is easy for victims of car crashes to feel overwhelmed. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident and need help dealing with the aftermath, consider reaching out to a knowledgeable Thornton car accident lawyer.

Their guidance and support can ease your stress and take the weight off of your shoulders so you can focus on healing. With a savvy accident attorney by your side, you will never have to doubt whether you are getting the maximum compensation possible.

What are the Common Causes of Car Accidents?

Car accidents happen in virtually every city, every day. Of course, some are worse than others, but they happen for similar reasons regardless of setting. Distracted drivers paying more attention to their cell phones frequently cause fender benders, while reckless drivers who speed and make erratic lane changes are known to sideswipe other cars on the road.

Cars making left-hand turns often fail to yield to oncoming traffic, and red light runners are T-boned as they attempt to skirt the rules of the road.

Drunk, drugged and drowsy drivers all frequently cause accidents on American roads and highways. Head-on collisions and wrong way crashes commonly involve drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Tragically, many such accidents are fatal.

What Injuries are Commonly Associated with Car Accidents?

There are as many kinds of injuries associated with car accidents as there are different kinds of collisions. Whiplash, neck and back injuries are all common in car accidents, though, as are broken ribs and collapsed lungs. Brain injuries can have a lifelong impact on victims but be overlooked completely in a cursory examination after a crash.

Accident victims should always get examined following a car wreck, even if they believe they are unhurt. Ignoring or shaking off minor injuries could cost victims in the long run. Exercise caution after a collision and always seek medical attention if an injury is sustained. If there is a delay in seeking medical attention, the defendant’s insurer might exploit that gap in medical treatment, resulting in the claim having increasingly less value as time proceeds.

Recoverable Damages in Thornton Auto Collision Cases

Car crash victims do not have to take the first settlement offered to them by the insurance company. With the help of an experienced Thornton car accident lawyer, victims may be entitled to the following types of damages:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional damages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Loss of companionship
  • Wrongful death

A car accident attorney in Thornton can help victims determine what damages they might receive after a wreck.

The Role of Comparative Negligence

Thornton is a modified comparative negligence jurisdiction. This essentially means that when an auto accident case goes to trial, jurors will make a determination as to what percentage of fault is attributed to each party.

Comparative negligence will come into play when both parties have some fault in the automobile accident. An injured party’s contribution to the accident will reduce their potential damages accordingly. A plaintiff that is found to be more than 50 percent at fault will not be able to recover any damages.

Some vehicle collisions involve three or more parties, especially those resulting from high speed on highways. It is especially important to work with a skilled Thornton car wreck attorney for these cases, as they could sort through evidence to establish the degree of fault that each party holds.

Important Steps to Take After an Accident

One of the crucial steps to take after a collision is calling 911. If the person or a passenger is well enough, they should immediately exchange information with the at-fault party or parties. If they have a cell phone, they should take pictures of the other party’s driver’s license, license plates, and proof of insurance. They should also take pictures of the scene of the accident in as much detail as possible, including the road condition, the condition of the vehicles involved in the accident, and other information which may be important for the attorney to evaluate.

After calling law enforcement and gathering evidence, the next essential step is to reach out to a legal professional. An experienced auto accident attorney could provide instructions on how to preserve evidence and take care of the early calls from the defendant’s insurance company.

How a Thornton Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Car accident victims have enough to deal with while recovering from a traumatic crash. Let a Thornton car accident lawyer handle the negotiations with the insurance company and the other driver. Advocating for victims and their families is what car accident lawyers do best. Your legal rights are in good hands.

Call today to set up a confidential consultation. Even a brief discussion with an attorney can help clarify your rights and shed light on your options. Time is of the essence, though. Colorado car accident victims have a limited window of time to pursue a claim after a crash. Do not miss your chance to seek justice.

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