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No one expects to get injured in an accident, but when such an injury occurs it is important for victims to consider their legal options. When one’s negligence causes injury to another, the injured party can pursue a personal injury claim against the at-fault party’s liability carrier for compensation of damages suffered as a result of their insured’s negligence.

Such personal injury claims may result in filing a lawsuit against the liable party if the parties are unable to reach a resolution of the claim without litigation. If you were recently hurt in a car, motorcycle, slip and fall, or type of accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the person or company responsible for your injuries. To learn more about your legal options, contact a Greeley personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled personal injury lawyer is waiting to answer your questions, and discuss your situation in more detail.

Typical Sources of Personal Injuries

Very few people intend to cause personal injuries. Even so, the law says that defendants who are merely careless or who act recklessly are still liable for any resulting injury.

People can act this way while performing their day to day routines. Something as simple as driving to the grocery store or opening a family business to the public can expose people to liability. These parties take on a duty to keep others safe, and an accident can leave them responsible to provide compensation.

Common scenarios that can lead to personal injury accidents include:

A trusted Greeley personal injury attorney could help individuals to evaluate the actions of others to determine if they are at-fault for an accidental injury.

What Types of Compensation Is Available in an Injury Claim?

Most personal injury lawsuits in Greeley arise from incidents of negligence. When someone owes another person a duty (for example, a duty to drive using reasonable caution or train their dog properly), violates that duty, and the violation causes injury to another, they have acted negligently.

When negligence occurs, the injured victim can sue the party responsible for their injuries. Typically, injured victims sue for financial compensation related to damages such as:

  • Emergency room bills
  • Surgical costs
  • Physical therapy bills
  • Other medical bills
  • Property damage, such as damage to their vehicle
  • Lost wages due to missing work
  • Emotional pain and suffering

The victim must prove that the damages suffered, such as those listed above, were the result of the negligent party’s misconduct. Further, the victim must show they were not more at fault for the accident than the negligent party was. If the victim sustained injury in a rear-end car accident, they must prove the other driver was more responsible for causing the accident than they were. Accident victims in Greeley can rely on the help of a seasoned personal injury attorney when pursuing their legal claim.

What is Comparative Negligence?

As a general rule, a defendant who is negligent is liable to provide compensation to injured parties. However, few cases are this black and white. The fact is that courts must examine the actions of all parties in negligence suits to determine what, if any responsibility an injury party must take for their own losses.

According to Colorado Revised Statutes §13-21-111, a jury must dismiss a claim for damages if they believe the plaintiff to be 50 percent or more responsible for the incident. They can also issue reduced compensation if they think that the injured party is between one and 49 percent at-fault. A dedicated Greeley injury lawyer could help to promote claims that name a defendant as the sole liable party for a person’s losses.

Ideally, a Case Will End with a Fair Settlement

Every person who suffers an injury because of the negligence of another has rights under the law. It is critical that these people act to exercise those rights as quickly as possible. Most defendants will enjoy protection through an insurance policy. That insurance company will be acting to gather evidence and determine their insured’s responsibility. In some cases, the negligent driver is uninsured. In these cases, it is equally as vital to seek legal counsel.

By acting decisively and with the backing of the law, a Greeley personal injury attorney could help to end a case with a fair settlement. An attorney can work to gather evidence in a claim, to place that evidence within the context of the law, and to present demand packages that leave no doubt as to liability for an injury. Using this method, most cases end with a proper settlement package that allows plaintiffs to avoid going to court altogether.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The first step an injured victim should take to initiating their legal claim is to call a Greeley personal injury attorney. It is important for injured victims to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after their accident. In Colorado, personal injury suits must be filed either two or three years from the date of injury, depending on the type of incident.

In many cases, the negligent party’s insurance company will represent them during the legal process. This is generally the case in auto accidents cases and premises liability cases, among other personal injury issues. When a negligent party’s insurance company steps in during litigation, they will be well prepared to defend their client in court. Therefore, an injured victim should also have experienced legal representation.

By hiring a seasoned injury lawyer, victims can have someone in their corner providing proper legal representation throughout the litigation process. Importantly, with someone else protecting their best interests in and out of court, an injured victim can focus on coping with their physical and emotional injuries.

Get in Touch with a Greeley Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing to file a lawsuit can be a difficult decision. Anyone hurt in an accident should contact an injury attorney to discuss financial compensation and their legal options.

If you sustained an injury in a car, construction, motorcycle, or slip and fall accident, or any other type of incident, contact a Greeley personal injury lawyer today. Your lawyer can help you make an informed decision about filing a lawsuit and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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