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Motor vehicle accidents involving large trucks and tractor-trailers can be more complicated than smaller-scale car accidents and rear-enders – both in terms of the accident scale and the seriousness of the accident victims’ injuries and damages sustained.

If you or someone you love has sustained injuries as a result of a truck driver or trucking company’s carelessness or negligence, you should contact a Greeley truck accident lawyer to assist you with your case.

An adept personal injury attorney can negotiate with the insurance company and potentially help you to obtain monetary compensation for your injuries, damages, pain, inconvenience, and aggravation and if a favorable settlement offer is not forthcoming, your lawyer can litigate your case through the Colorado court system and take it to trial, if necessary. En Español.

Why Truck Accidents Are So Complex

Colorado’s busy highway system and high-speed limits create the perfect storm for motor vehicle accidents. Yet truck accident cases, generally speaking, are much more complicated than smaller-scale, run-of-the-mill car accident cases. As a seasoned lawyer could explain, some of the complexities associated with Greeley truck accident cases include the following:

  • Multi-vehicle collisions – where the truck or tractor trailer’s initial impact results in a chain reaction of separate collisions that potentially injure everyone involved
  • Loose or improperly secured cargo – including petroleum, logs, or vehicles which are improperly secured to a trailer and dislodge from the trailer into the roadway (or even another vehicle)
  • Multiple defendants – where injured plaintiffs may assert a claim or file a lawsuit against the negligent truck driver, as well as the trucking company under an agency theory of recovery (or for negligently hiring, retaining, or supervising the negligent truck driver)
  • Mechanical defects – where a mechanical defect on the tractor or trailer causes or contributes to a collision and the injured plaintiff is able to sue the manufacturer/distributor or a repair facility for incorrectly or negligently performing repair work on the tractor or trailer prior to the collision
  • Seriousness of injuries and damages sustained – including fractures and broken bones – which require more extensive and expensive medical care in order to treat effectively. Other serious injuries sustained in truck accident cases include traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and in the worst cases, death. When serious injuries are involved, injured plaintiffs may also have a claim for pain and suffering and/or for permanency
  • Unrealistic expectations thrust upon truck drivers – such as when they are encouraged to drive to their destinations as fast as possible and to log as many hours as possible, in order to earn financial incentives for both the truck driver and the trucking company. However, when truck drivers operate their trucks while fatigued (or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol), it greatly increases the chance of an accident and serious personal injuries

A skilled Greeley truck accident attorney can help individuals navigate the complexities of their truck accident case.

Determining Fault After a Truck Wreck

There are many factors that are considered when establishing fault one way or another after a truck collision.


One important factor when it comes to determining fault is statements. This includes statements from the drivers in both cars as well as statements from the passengers in the car that can help establish liability against one party.

Police Report

The police report is also very helpful when assessing fault for a crash. The police report could show that the trucker failed to yield the right of way, ran a red light, or drove carelessly.

Evidence from a Criminal Case

It is important for a Greeley truck crash attorney to follow up with what happened in that criminal case or traffic case because that can help determine who is at fault. A 911 call is also helpful, as there could be witnesses who saw the accident and called 911. When someone calls law enforcement, it is documented and reported, and records can be obtained from the police department.

Video Evidence

Video cameras are also helpful, including cameras inside cars and at intersections. Most trucks have dash cameras, which can provide crucial evidence in the event of an accident. Also, an increasing amount of officers wear body cameras, which can show a helpful picture of the scene.

Contacting a Greeley Truck Accident Attorney

A high-speed truck or tractor-trailer is no match for a car or other comparatively small motor vehicle, and when high-speed collisions occur, the results can be catastrophic and deadly. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident that was caused by a truck or tractor-trailer driver, you need experienced legal representation on your side every step of the way.

A knowledgeable lawyer can handle negotiations with the insurance company, allowing you time to recuperate from your injuries. You should feel free to contact a Greeley truck accident lawyer at any time, via telephone or email, for a free initial consultation.

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