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Greeley Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Paralysis is a devastating condition that could forever change someone’s life. Such an injury could cause a person to incur expensive medical costs as well as forcefully altering a person’s daily routine and housing accommodations.

If you or a loved one has been paralyzed due to someone else’s actions or negligence, consider reaching out to a trusted catastrophic injury attorney. A Greeley paralysis injury lawyer may be able to help you file an effective injury claim to get you the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes and Forms of Paralysis Injuries

There are many potential causes for paralysis that a seasoned injury lawyer in Greeley could help address through civil litigation. While some are natural, such as stroke or a congenital disorder, others include spinal cord injury as the result of trauma. Some potential events that can cause paralysis are:

These injuries could bring about life-changing consequences. While spinal cord injuries can cause isolated paralysis, other forms of paralysis can include:

  • Quadriplegia (also referred to as tetraplegia) is the paralysis of all limbs and torso
  • Paraplegia is the paralysis of the body from the waist down

Regardless of its severity, all forms of paralysis have the potential for devastating consequences. Those who undergo paralysis may experience severe and chronic pain as well as lose their ability to act independently. This can place a tremendous personal, psychological, and emotional strain on someone’s life.

Time Limit on Filing a Spinal Cord Injury Claim

Those who have experienced paralysis as the result of a personal injury have a limited time to file a damage claim. Colorado allows for a two-year statute of limitations for a personal injury claim under Colorado Revised Statutes §13-80-102. If the paralysis was the result of an injury in a car accident, then the statute of limitations is three years, according to C.R.S. §13-80-101.

It is vital that all personal injury claims are filed as soon as possible. If legal action is not taken quickly, then the victim runs the risk of having the statute of limitations expire before the end of any necessary proceedings.

Skilled legal counsel could help in holding the negligent party liable for reckless actions resulting in a paralysis injury. Those who have sustained a paralysis injury have the legal right to fight for any compensation they may be entitled to.

If a victim was in some way responsible for the trauma which brought about paralysis, then they may still be able to file a personal injury claim. A legal professional in Greeley could help in determining how much responsibility the plaintiff and any defendant may have for the paralysis.

Financial Burden of Recovering from Paralysis

Paralysis could also result in a severe financial burden. Often spinal cord injuries could require prolonged and intrusive medical treatment which can bring a crushing amount of medical bills. Additionally, the effects of paralysis may mean that victims could witness a loss of income from an inability to work.

A dedicated Greeley paralysis injury attorney could help determine if someone is eligible to receive compensation for damages. They may also be able to assess how much compensation for paralysis the injured party may be able to seek in a damages claim.

Speak with a Greeley Paralysis Injury Attorney Today

Filing a personal injury claim for your paralysis can be complex and challenging, but an experienced Greeley paralysis injury lawyer may be able to guide you through this process. Let a compassionate attorney help you recover the damages you deserve. Call today to schedule a consultation and start exploring your legal options.

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