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Suffering a serious and unexpected personal injury can upend your entire life in an instant. You might be in excruciating physical pain and require expensive medical care and rehabilitation. If your injuries force you to take time away from work, you may feel overwhelmed watching your medical bills and other expenses mount.

Fortunately, a Loveland personal injury lawyer might be able to help you. If you believe another person’s negligence or recklessness caused your injury, you could hold them legally responsible for the cost of your losses. The legal team at Amy G Injury Firm is prepared to investigate the cause of your injuries and build the strongest possible case on your behalf.

Common Types of Loveland Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury suits can arise out of many different incidents. A skilled attorney could evaluate the circumstances of a specific injury to determine who could be legally liable. Our Loveland attorneys have handled successful personal injury claims under the following circumstances:

Car Crashes

Automobile accidents occur every day on Loveland roads. These collisions can result in serious or even life-threatening injuries. When a negligent or reckless driver is at fault, they should be liable for damages.

If mechanical failure causes a vehicle to malfunction, a car crash survivor might be able to seek damages from the vehicle’s manufacturer. Alternatively, a potential plaintiff could sue the mechanic in charge of repairs for failing to maintain the car’s safety.

Truck Collisions

Accidents involving large commercial vehicles can cause substantial property damage and devastating injuries. Irresponsible truck drivers and negligent trucking companies could be accountable for the damages from a crash.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Simple falls can lead to broken bones, head injuries, spinal damage, and countless other injuries. If a fall occurred because of a dangerous condition on another person’s property, such as a broken staircase, the property owner could be liable for related injuries.

Defective Products

Design flaws or inadequate instructions for use could make a consumer product dangerous. If a defective product causes someone to suffer an injury, an injured person might be able to sue the product’s designers, manufacturers, or sellers.

Child Injuries

Parents work hard to keep their kids safe. Unfortunately, there are unique circumstances where children are vulnerable to injuries, such as on a school bus. There are also unique legal requirements in injury cases involving minors. When someone does something that injures a child, our team could guide someone through the process of establishing civil liability.

Workplace Injuries

Despite safety regulations for workplaces, debilitating injuries can still occur, particularly at construction sites or industrial factories. Our dedicated attorneys could help an injured worker collect workers’ compensation benefits and investigate third-party lawsuit options.

Relevant Time Limitations for Filing a Lawsuit

Injured people often cannot wait until they fully recover to file suit. State law usually only grants injured people the chance to file claims within two years of suffering an injury. A potential claimant could have up to three years if the injury occurred because of a motor vehicle crash.

Reaching out to a qualified attorney as soon as possible after suffering an injury is critical to building a strong case within these deadlines. A Loveland attorney could discuss the circumstances of a specific personal injury case, including applicable legal requirements and statute of limitations.

Contact an Experienced Loveland Personal Injury Attorney

After suffering an injury, you might face challenges paying for doctors’ visits, medical procedures, and rehabilitation programs. Catastrophic injuries could have permanent consequences that add to these costs. If someone else is responsible for harming you, they should also be responsible for paying for your medical expenses and other losses.

A Loveland personal injury lawyer could work on securing compensation to help you move forward without financial stress. Our team could also provide legal support throughout this process, allowing you to focus on your recovery. Call now to learn more.

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