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With so many large commercial vehicles making their way through Loveland on their way to destinations within the state and across the country, you will inevitably hear about truck crashes. Because trucks weigh considerably more and are significantly larger than passenger vehicles, these accidents frequently result in severe injuries and fatalities.

You could be entitled to collect financial compensation if you or a loved one are injured in a trucking collision. As a seasoned personal injury attorney could further explain, negligent truckers and their parent companies could be liable for damages. A dedicated Loveland truck accident lawyer at Amy G Injury Firm is prepared to help you fight for justice.

Common Reasons Why Trucks Crash

Trucks crash for a wide variety of reasons. Many of these causes involve negligent behavior, which could serve as grounds for compensation through a settlement demand or lawsuit.

Driver Fatigue

Given the size and weight of commercial vehicles, driving a truck is challenging under normal circumstances. Being drowsy behind the wheel makes it even less likely that a driver will react appropriately to prevent an accident. As such, the federal government has enacted regulations to combat trucker fatigue. These regulations establish specific limits on how many hours truck drivers can drive without taking a break or time off. Truck drivers need to record their operating hours, and the companies that employ them should enforce these driving time restrictions accordingly.

Unfortunately, many trucking companies set unrealistic deadlines for their workers in pursuit of profit. In addition, some trucking companies set up their pay structures by paying more or bonuses to drivers who make more deliveries. These policies encourage drivers to violate the driving time restrictions, resulting in fatigued truckers who make careless mistakes or even fall asleep at the wheel. An attorney could gather evidence from a driver’s logs to demonstrate that a trucker was carelessly tired behind the wheel at the time of an accident.

Drunk Driving

Commercial vehicle drivers must adhere to even stricter standards regarding drinking and driving than the average motorist. However, the long hours on the road, isolation, and complicated lifestyle has been known to compel truckers to drive under the influence of prescription medications, narcotics, and alcohol. If a trucker is found to have been intoxicated behind the wheel when they caused a collision, they could face both criminal and civil charges.

Loading Mistakes

When a truck’s cargo is too heavy or unbalanced, it can cause the truck to malfunction, become unstable, or completely roll over. Loose, unsecured cargo could also fall out of the truck onto the road, causing damage to other vehicles and pedestrians. As a Loveland truck accident attorney could further explain, both a trucking company and a specific supplier could be responsible for dangerously overloading a truck.

Lack of Maintenance

Truck drivers and companies are responsible for regularly inspecting their vehicles to ensure their brakes function correctly. They should also schedule regular service and maintenance appointments to address any repairs as soon as possible. Maintenance companies that fail to recognize and resolve vehicle problems appropriately could be responsible for accidents caused by these defects.

Negligent Training and Hiring Practices

Trucking companies should hire qualified drivers with safe driving records to drive massive commercial vehicles. Companies should also provide appropriate and effective training for their drivers. If an attorney discovers a trucker had not received appropriate training or certifications before getting behind the wheel, it could make their parent company liable.

Recoverable Damages After a Truck Crash

Truck crash survivors could pursue recovery for various types of damages stemming from their injuries. They could seek reimbursement for economic damages, such as medical expenses and lost wages from time taken off work.

Potential plaintiffs could also pursue damages for other, less quantifiable expenses. These non-economic damages could include payments for pain, suffering, and mental anguish. If a family loses a loved one due to a trucking wreck, the family could seek damages on their loved one’s behalf in a wrongful death suit. Experienced Loveland attorneys could help determine what kinds of damages could be available depending on the circumstances of a trucking accident.

Talk To a Loveland Truck Accident Attorney

Trucking wrecks are often more complex than crashes between cars. Truck accidents almost always involve more people, and there could be multiple defendants with competing interests. A knowledgeable Loveland truck accident lawyer could take the time to learn who is at fault and pursue the maximum possible compensation on a survivor’s behalf.

Talk to our legal team today to see how we could assist you through this difficult time.

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