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Bad Weather Truck Accidents in Loveland

Even the warmer parts of the year can bring sleet, rain, strong winds, and other hazards that make driving safely difficult for everyone. Commercial truck drivers must be prepared for inclement weather and adjust their speed and steering to account for it since failing to do so can dramatically increase their risk of crashing and hurting someone else.

Unfortunately, not every truck driver is as responsible as they should be in this regard, and that sometimes leads to crashes with devastating results. When you are dealing with serious injuries stemming from a bad weather truck accident in Loveland, you should strongly consider discussing your legal options with a qualified truck accident attorney.

How Bad Weather Can Contribute to Truck Crashes

Because of their height and the boxy shape of their trailers, semi-trucks can swerve or even tip over completely in extremely strong winds. Most of the time, bad weather has the same effect on truck drivers as it does on people driving cars. It does not cause wrecks all by itself but instead makes drivers who are already prone to being irresponsible more likely to cause wrecks.

For example, truck drivers who speed, take turns too sharply, or do not brake safely are more likely to lose traction on roads made slick by rain, snow, or ice. Likewise, someone following too closely behind other traffic is even more likely to rear-end someone when their visibility is low due to rolling fog or a serious storm. Even mechanical failures like headlights burning out become much more dangerous and can lead to bad weather truck crashes in Loveland.

Are Truck Drivers Always Liable for Bad Weather Wrecks?

Regardless of the road conditions, all truck drivers have the same “duty of care” as anyone else, meaning they are required to act responsibly and lawfully behind the wheel. Proving someone breached this duty of care by doing something reckless or careless and causing an accident directly through that breach is the criteria necessary to establish legal “negligence,” the foundation of a successful truck accident claim.

A truck driver failing to adjust for bad weather qualifies as negligence in technical terms, but it can be difficult to prove it was the direct cause of a truck accident in Loveland. A skilled legal professional could help demonstrate that a truck driver involved in a wreck violated a specific traffic law, failed to pay attention, or was irresponsible in another way supported by a “preponderance,” or majority, of available evidence.

Contact a Loveland Attorney for Help With a Bad Weather Truck Accident Case

Nobody likes driving through heavy rain, fog, or snow, but everyone still has a responsibility to be safe and sensible behind the wheel in inclement weather. Truck drivers operating 80,000-pound machines have an especially important duty in this regard, and the consequences of violating that duty can unfortunately be especially severe.

Fortunately, you may have grounds to take legal action over a bad weather truck accident in Loveland. Call today for an initial consultation.




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