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While some injuries stem from unforeseen accidents, other injuries can be traced back to someone’s negligent conduct. Common types of accidents that can involve negligence include motor vehicle crashes, slip and falls, medical malpractice, workplace incidents, animal attacks, and defective product injuries.

If you were hurt because of someone’s recklessness, an Englewood personal injury lawyer could evaluate your case to determine if compensation may be owed to you. A skilled attorney who is deeply familiar with the personal injury laws in Englewood can help you understand your legal options and provide sound counsel regarding the next steps of your claim.

Common Personal Injury Damages

Personal injury claims arise from a wide array of accidents, ranging from auto accidents to hospital negligence to wrongful death. The nature of someone’s recoverable damages will depend on the severity of the injuries they sustain. Common kinds of injuries in these types of claims include spinal cord injuries, burns, wounds, lacerations, brain injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, shoulder injuries, loss of a limb, broken bones, and fractured bones.

A personal injury attorney in Englewood could review someone’s prospective claim and provide an honest valuation of their damages. Someone filing a personal injury claim could recover compensation for damages such as lost wages, pain, suffering, medical bills, ambulance costs, hospital expenses, mental distress, and emotional anguish. In some personal injury claims, the claimant may also be entitled to punitive damages for their injuries and losses.

Negligence Laws in Englewood

Under the traditional negligence theory, several separate elements must be proven to establish a personal injury claim. First, the defendant must have owed the claimant a duty of care. Second, there must have been a breach of this duty that caused the claimant to suffer an injury. Finally, the claimant’s injuries must have led to damages that would entitle them to compensation.

For example, a doctor owes their patients a legal duty to comply with the accepted medical standard of care. If the doctor fails to uphold this care standard, and a patient suffers harm, the patient may have grounds to file suit against the negligent medical provider to recover their losses.

Another important aspect of Englewood’s negligence law is the modified comparative fault doctrine. This rule, found under Englewood Revised Statutes Annotated § 13-21-111, applies in situations where the claimant contributed to their injuries in some way. If the claimant is partially culpable for their injuries, the court will diminish their compensation based on their percentage of negligence. However, when the claimant is 50 percent or more culpable for their injuries, they would no longer qualify for compensation.

Contact an Englewood Personal Injury Attorney

An Englewood personal injury lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you deserve if someone else is responsible for the harm you endured. If you think you are entitled to money damages, it is wise to contact an attorney to get a confidential evaluation of your case.

Contact an Englewood attorney today to schedule your no-obligation case review.

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