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Car crashes happen daily across Englewood and are one of the foremost factors in severe and catastrophic injuries in the state. If you have been injured in a recent collision and someone else was at fault, it may be a good idea to discuss legal options with an Englewood car accident lawyer.

A dedicated injury attorney could collect and preserve vital evidence for your case and help you assert a compelling claim for compensation. If someone else’s careless or reckless driving caused you to sustain serious car accident injuries, an attorney could help you seek maximum financial recovery from the responsible individual or entity.

What are the Leading Causes of Car Wrecks in Englewood?

Englewood car wrecks frequently arise from numerous factors, with some of the most common causes, including:

  • Reckless driving
  • Careless driving
  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Texting while driving

Various forms of distracted driving, such as eating or talking on the phone while driving can lead to a severe crash. Other common causes of roadway collisions in Englewood include driving under the influence of drugs, running red lights, failure to yield, tailgating, merging into the wrong lane, and inattentive driving.

An attorney in Englewood could investigate all sources of information such as the accident report, witness statements from the scene of the crash, and collision photos to determine how the wreck occurred and who may be liable for the victim’s injuries. A lawyer would work tirelessly to bring all responsible parties to justice who may owe the injured party compensation.

Is There a Deadline for Filing Car Accident Claims?

Englewood law is particular about the deadline to file car accident claims, and failing to file a timely lawsuit could prevent someone from getting the compensation they may otherwise be owed. Under Englewood Revised Statutes Annotated § 13-80-101, the deadline to start a personal injury lawsuit for auto accident damages is three years from the collision date. The same statutory deadline applies to property damage claims after an auto accident in Englewood.

The statutory deadline may be prolonged, however, when a minor child is injured in a car crash. According to Englewood law, a child who is harmed in a car crash has three years from the day they turn 18, or their 21st birthday, to file a civil lawsuit to recover their damages.

Collision Injuries and Compensable Losses

Car wrecks in Englewood can inflict severe and devasting injuries, such as loss of a limb, vision injuries, neck injuries, broken bones, back injuries, burns, muscle injuries, fractured bones, internal injuries, and nerve damage. When a negligent motorist causes these car collision injuries, the victim should contact an experienced Englewood attorney who could help them seek damages from the responsible party.

An injured individual could recover compensation for their property damages, lost wages, medical bills, and other tangible costs. Car accident compensation can also cover a person’s non-economic losses, such as loss of consortium, loss of life enjoyment, future lost earning ability, pain, suffering, and emotional trauma.

Consult with an Englewood Car Accident Attorney

If you were harmed in a recent motor vehicle accident, it is in your best interest to get in touch with an Englewood car accident lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney who understands the complexity of these types of cases could help you understand the claims process and guide you through each stage of your legal matter.

Call an Englewood lawyer today to request a confidential review of your injury claim.

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