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You have probably observed people sending text messages on their cell phones while driving, and you vowed to stay clear of them. However, sometimes it may be impossible to avoid a distracted driver from crashing into you due to their lack of focus and attention to the road. As a result, victims could suffer serious injuries and costly medical expenses.

If you suffered injuries due to a driver’s negligent choice to use their phone while behind the wheel of a vehicle, contact an experienced attorney today. An Englewood texting while driving car accident lawyer could review the details of your case to inform you of your chances to receive compensation.

Colorado’s Distracted Driving Laws Are Clear

Texting and driving laws are a subset of Colorado’s distracted driving laws. Besides texting, distracted driving includes anything that causes a driver to focus on something other than the road, like talking on the phone, eating, drinking, or applying makeup. With data proving that texting while driving causes serious accidents, Colorado has banned all drivers from reading, writing, sending text messages or emails, and browsing the internet when operating a motor vehicle.

Exceptions to Ban on Distracted Driving

A driver may use an electronic device to text or call in emergencies, such as to report a crime, a serious accident, another unsafe driver, or other road hazards. Additionally, adult drivers may use handheld devices for making and receiving phone calls. If they choose a hands-free device for voice calls, such as Bluetooth or headphones, they can only plug them into one ear so they can still hear essential road sounds such as police sirens. A handheld device can also be mounted on the dashboard to use the GPS function, which should be programmed before starting the car.

Colorado Distracted Driving Laws for Teen Drivers

Colorado law forbids any teen drive 18 and younger from using an electronic device, except in emergencies to report crimes, fires, accidents, unsafe drivers, and other road hazards. Where an adult may use an electronic device for voice calls, a teen may not. An Englewood personal injury lawyer knowledgeable about Colorado’s texting and driving laws can review the facts of a crash involving a texting teen driver.

Distracted Driving Laws for Commercial Drivers

Drivers of commercial vehicles, such as school buses and large trucks, are not permitted to text, drive, email, or engage in any activity involving a handheld phone. Many commercial vehicles feature a mounted device for hands-free voice calling, which is generally permitted in Colorado.

Commercial drivers who are caught using a cell phone may be fined up to $2,750 and could lose their commercial driving privileges. An Englewood texting and driving lawyer can investigate a case for compensation when a person is injured by a commercial driver whose texting caused an accident.

Penalties for Distracted Driving in Colorado

Texting motorists who may or may not cause a car accident will still be penalized:

  • A fine of between $50 and $1,000, and between one and four points assessed to a motorist’s driving record
  • Minors are fined $50 and receive one point for the first violation and $100 and one point for each subsequent violation
  • Adults whose actions constitute a Class 2 misdemeanor resulting in the death or bodily injury must pay a $1,000 fine and could be sentenced to one year in prison, along with four points against their driver licenses

An Englewood Texting While Driving Car Accident Attorney Can Help

If you are injured in an auto accident because a reckless driver was texting, you need an advocate who can do battle with insurance companies and in the courtroom to get you the compensation you need. Contact an Englewood texting while driving car accident lawyer for your free consultation.

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