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Many families are unprepared for the emotional and financial losses that can accompany a loved one’s wrongful death. Unfortunately, financial obligations can stack up quickly, and already grieving families can feel overwhelmed. If you believe your loved one was the victim of a wrongful death, call a Denver wrongful death lawyer today.

If someone’s negligent, reckless, or intentional misconduct caused your loved one’s death, you could be entitled to financial compensation in your case through a wrongful death lawsuit. Contact a Denver injury attorney now to learn more about holding another party liable for causing death by negligence.

Elements of a Wrongful Death Case

When someone dies due to the careless, intentional, negligent, or reckless action of another, they are the victim of a wrongful death. The party responsible for the wrongful death could be an individual or an entity, such as a corporation or hospital. Losing a loved one is always tragic, and made even more painful when someone else is to blame.

Another person or entity’s actions may have directly resulted in the death of a family member. When that happens, certain family members are allowed to file suit for financial compensation with the assistance of a wrongful death attorney in Denver.

Who is Allowed to Recover in a Wrongful Death Case?

For such a claim, the survivors must have had a specific relationship to the decedent. Under Colorado law, the following people may file a wrongful death claim:

  • Spouse
  • Heir (such as a surviving child)
  • Designated beneficiary
  • The deceased’s parents (only if the deceased was unmarried and had no children)

Liability for Wrongful Death

Most wrongful deaths are the result of someone’s negligent or reckless conduct. However, intentional conduct that results in a death may also be cause for a wrongful death suit. Such intentional behavior usually takes the form of criminal action. Murder is the most common type of criminal conduct leading to wrongful death. Of course, criminal actions are punishable through the judicial system. In addition to criminal punishment, someone who causes the death of another by intentional conduct can also be held civilly liable for the surviving family’s damages.

In other words, someone’s intentional misconduct caused the death of another, the surviving family may seek wrongful death compensation from the person responsible for the death. Denver wrongful death attorneys can help families determine who to sue, and how much compensation they may be owed.

How Long Does It Take to Settle Wrongful Death Cases?

Not only is losing a loved one heartbreaking, it can be extremely complicated and financially devastating. Often, a victim’s family suffers huge financial blows after losing the victim’s sources of income. This is especially true if the victim was a parent or spouse.

Trying to cope with grief and overwhelming financial burdens can be difficult, sometimes impossible for surviving family members. The purpose of wrongful death suits is to gain some compensation for families who suffered both economic (such as funeral expenses or loss of income) and non-economic losses (such as pain and suffering and the loss of love and companionship).

When someone loses a loved one, particularly a spouse or parent, the financial and emotional devastation can take its toll. Each wrongful death case is different, and the potential compensation depends on the facts and circumstances of the case. An experienced Denver wrongful death lawyer can analyze the facts of a case to determine the amount of compensation surviving family members are owed for death at work, in a hospital, or under any other circumstances.

Benefits of a Denver Wrongful Death Attorney

If you believe your loved one’s death was due to someone’s negligence, recklessness, or criminal action, contact a Denver wrongful death attorney now. You and your family may be able to seek compensation for your financial and emotional damages following an unlawful death.

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