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There are many ways someone can get injured. Most of the time, these injuries are no one’s fault. However, in some situations, injuries can be attributed to the actions of another person. This may be the result of an accident, or an intentional act.

Either way, the law states that an at-fault person who causes personal injury to another is civilly liable to pay for their damages. Littleton personal injury lawyers can represent those who have been injured due to the acts of another. Contact a skilled negligence attorney to begin building your case. En Español.

Examples of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases can be separated into two main categories. The far more common category is that of accidental injury where, the at-fault person did not intend to cause harm, but nevertheless, the plaintiff was injured.

Common examples of these cases include:

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Slips and Falls
  • Product Liability Cases

In most of these situations, a plaintiff needs to demonstrate that the defendant was negligent. This is a legal term that allows people to hold at-fault defendants liable in a civil court. In short, the defendant must have had a duty to protect the plaintiff, and when this duty was broken through an act of the defendant, the plaintiff was injured.

What do Uncommon Accidents Look Like?

Far less common are situations where a person was injured as the result of an intentional act. Most often, these cases are also tried through the criminal courts. Incidents involving assault, sexual abuse, or kidnapping are all grounds for civil lawsuits. It is important to remember that the criminal courts and civil courts are separate entities. No matter what the outcome of a criminal trial, the injured person still has the right to pursue civil damages.

Potential Types of Accidents

All personal injury cases must have a foundation based on a personal injury. Let us look at an example where a person suffers a broken leg in a car accident. They are immediately taken by ambulance to the emergency room, go through surgery, and spend six months in rehabilitation. All this time, they are missing time at work and are in intense pain.

The plaintiff can certainly make a claim that the defendant should pay for the medical costs. These are known as economic damages. The plaintiff can also demand compensation for lost wages, as well as mental anguish that resulted from the injuries. If the plaintiff did not break their leg but was mentally shaken by the experience, they would not have a case. No matter the mental pain, if there is no physical injury, there can be no claim.

Help from a Littleton Personal Injury Attorney

No matter the type of injury, or the circumstances surrounding the incident, if a person is injured due to the acts of another, they have the right to seek damages. Littleton personal injury lawyers can work with those who have been injured due to an accident or intentional acts of others.

Accomplished attorneys have a strong understanding of the impact that these injuries can have on a person’s life and can work hard to obtain the appropriate compensation that they demand. Skilled lawyers can interact directly with insurance companies on someone’s behalf to allow them to focus on getting their lives back on track.

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