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Motorcyclists are at a distinct disadvantage in comparison to other drivers on the road because their vehicles are slimmer, smaller, and more difficult to see—especially in mirrors. Combined with the difficulty that other drivers may have in judging the distance and speed of a motorcycle, it is no wonder so many motorcyclists are seriously injured or killed due to another driver’s negligence.

If you were hurt in an accident while riding your motorcycle, skilled accident attorneys in Colorado are available to help you. Call an experienced Littleton motorcycle accident lawyer to learn about your rights and potential compensation for your injuries.

Causes of a Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle crashes are generally different than those of other vehicles. In fact, the causes of many crashes relate to perception and sight of the other driver and the motorcycle. Because of this, many motorcycle crashes result from the negligence of another driver failing to see all that is on or around the roadway while they are driving – including a motorcycle.

Therefore, motorcycle accidents often happen when another driver:

  • Fails to see the motorcycle on the road
  • Fails to estimate the distance of the motorcycle
  • Fails to estimate the speed of the motorcycle
  • Improperly turns in front of a motorcycle
  • Cuts off a motorcycle, causing it to skid and slip
  • Stops short in front of a motorcycle causing it to rear end the vehicle
  • Fails to yield to a motorcycle
  • Drives too fast for the weather conditions

In addition to the other driver, other parties may be liable for a motorcycle crash including another driver or even the municipality, county, or state that designed or maintains the roadway. Littleton motorcycle accident attorneys can help individuals understand liability in an accident.

Injuries Suffered from a Motorcycle Accident

Injuries to motorcyclists are generally significantly worse than injuries to occupants of other vehicles. This can even be true with a small bumper tap, which can cause a motorcyclist to go flying forward from the bike. But when a motorcyclist is hit at high-speed in a collision at an intersection or on a highway, the results can be devastating. Injuries to a motorcyclist hit in a serious crash include the following:

  • Road rash, particularly over the shoulders, limbs, or back, which could result in very serious infection and permanent scarring
  • Broken bones or fractured bones
  • Significant lacerations or cuts resulting in disfigurement
  • Organ injuries including lacerations, rupturing, or bruising
  • Head injuries, including severe concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and hemorrhaging
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis including quadriplegia or paraplegia
  • Death

How a Littleton Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

When motorcyclists are seriously injured in a crash caused by the negligence of another, they should contact a Littleton motorcycle accident lawyer to learn of the rights and remedies they may have.

Motorcycle crashes can be devastating. Recovery can be complicated and medical bills could grow quickly. Since many victims are out of work due to their injuries, this could put significant financial strain on a family. Call to learn how skilled attorneys can work to help relieve this burden.

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