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Denver Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer 

As a nursing home member, your elderly loved one has the right to care that promotes physical and emotional health. Yet sometimes, seniors in assisted living facilities do not receive the care they need to thrive. If your loved one is among them, contact a Denver nursing home abuse lawyer after relocating the senior to your home, another family member’s residence, or a different facility.

Work with an experienced personal injury attorney who understands nursing home abuse laws and knows what steps to take in the claims process. Depending on the severity of your case, you might be able to request damages that cover medical expenses such as medication, physical therapy, hospital bills, counseling, and surgery.

Types of Nursing Facility Abuse

Denver-based attorneys who represent nursing facility abuse cases note a variety of physical, emotional, and psychological harms that can befall seniors, including:

  • Physical abuse such as kicking, punching, slapping, and shoving
  • Emotional abuse such as ignoring patient requests, threatening physical harm, yelling at residents, and shaming, mocking, blaming, and insulting residents
  • Sexual assault and rape
  • Financial abuse such as stealing money and altering financial documents
  • Neglect-based abuse such as malnutrition, dehydration, poor hygiene, lack of toileting help, and insufficient mobility assistance
  • Elder abandonment such as leaving the senior alone when they need help

Signs Indicating Elder Abuse in Nursing Home Environments

Numerous warning signs signal abuse in nursing facility settings that family members should know about. Denver legal professionals ask clients to provide them with as much information about abuse and neglect as possible to form strong cases, such as a senior loved one who seems suddenly fearful, nervous, or agitated. The person may not want to answer questions about their care, or acts frightened around certain staff members. They can also appear depressed and withdrawn, or excessively moody. Behavioral changes can additionally occur because the loved one is not receiving necessary medication, or because they are not getting enough sleep due to stress.

Other warning signs pointing to abuse are physical in nature, such as unexplained cuts, bruises, burns, bedsores, and broken bones. Dirty hair, dirty and soiled clothing, body odors, and poor dental health also indicate abuse, as do sexually-transmitted diseases from sexual misconduct. A poorly-treated resident can also appear dehydrated and malnourished via noticeable weight loss, yellowish skin, and sunken eyes. Dirty living conditions additionally serve as clear warning signs. A nursing home abuse lawyer in Denver could collect evidence to prove an abuse case.

Contact an Attorney Today About Your Senior Abuse Case

Realizing an older loved one has suffered abuse at the hands of nursing facility staff members is always extremely distressing. Make it clear you do not tolerate such actions by contacting a Denver nursing home abuse lawyer. Taking action prevents the facility from inflicting further harm on residents because the state will get involved.

Hold the offending nursing home accountable for deplorable services by contacting our law firm today. Our team will work tirelessly to let the Denver community know about the facility. It may be possible to bring a larger case against the nursing home depending on how many residents have been abused and their families’ legal actions.

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