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Sexual Abuse in Denver Nursing Homes

Long-term care facilities are responsible for the safety and well-being of their residents. They are liable for the harm they directly cause to an elderly patient or for failing to prevent or report abuse by another resident. Unfortunately, sexual abuse in Denver nursing homes continues to occur because staff members believe residents will not be able to speak up for themselves.

When you notice signs of abuse in a nursing home, you should act quickly to protect your elderly loved one. A compassionate nursing home abuse attorney could guide you through steps for protecting your loved one and seeking accountability from a negligent facility.

Examples of Sexual Abuse in Elder Care Facilities

Sexual abuse can include any nonconsensual sexual contact a staff member has with a nursing home resident. These abusive actions can occur through force or deceiving or manipulating vulnerable residents. Examples include unwanted intimate touching of any kind, especially to the breasts or genital area, as well as more severe instances of assault and rape. Sexual abuse can also involve forced nudity, forced observation of masturbation or pornography, or taking and distributing sexually exploitative photographs or recordings of a resident changing or bathing.

Many people do not believe sexual abuse occurs to elderly people; unfortunately, that is often why these cases occur. People who sexually exploit nursing home residents know these victims may be unable to advocate for themselves and that full investigations are unlikely in these scenarios. It is essential to enlist the help of a seasoned attorney who could fight for justice on behalf of an elderly resident.

Are Nursing Homes Liable for Sexual Abuse Between Residents?

When a facility suspects that a resident is sexually abusing other residents, they have a responsibility to file a report to stop the abuse and prevent it from happening to other people. A nursing home contract includes a facility agreeing to keep a patient safe from other residents.

When a nursing home fails to report an incident of sexual abuse or protect its residents from harm, a Denver attorney could help hold them accountable.

Steps to Take When You Suspect Sexual Abuse in a Nursing Home

If someone believes their loved one is experiencing sexual abuse in a nursing home, there are several options for how to proceed. It is essential to make sure the resident’s immediate needs are still being taken care of and that they receive any necessary medical attention. If possible, a resident should not bathe, urinate, or wash their clothing to preserve potential physical evidence of abuse.

A concerned family member should report suspected sexual abuse to the nursing home administrator and person in charge of the facility at the time of the incident. They should also report the abuse to the local police and contact their state licensing and certification agency. These agencies are typically responsible for inspecting nursing home facilities and investigating complaints. In Denver, adult protection services also investigate reports of sexual abuse in nursing homes.

It can be challenging to navigate these options while caring for your vulnerable loved one. An attorney could gather evidence and information to convey the severity of a nursing home abuse case to relevant agencies and departments. A compassionate legal professional could also guide family members through the process of taking legal action against a nursing home that allowed sexual abuse to occur.

Fight Back Against Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes With the Help of a Lawyer

It can be devastating to consider that a facility designed to protect and care for its vulnerable residents could be exploiting or violating them. Unfortunately, many instances of sexual abuse in Denver nursing homes go unreported or are not fully investigated.

At Amy G Injury Firm, we understand the importance of fighting for justice and are prepared to do whatever it takes to protect your elderly loved one’s rights and well-being. Call now to discuss how we could help.

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