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Physical Abuse in Denver Nursing Homes

Senior citizens are vulnerable to a wide array of injuries and mishaps, and they deserve care and protection to minimize their risk of harm. Many families of seniors trust nursing homes to provide their loved ones with compassionate care, dignity, and respect. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is all too prevalent in and around Denver.

When staff members at long-term care facilities mistreat elderly residents, those residents can suffer severe physical and psychological consequences for many years to come. If you suspect that your loved one was subjected to physical abuse in a Denver nursing home, let a skilled legal professional take swift action on your behalf to hold responsible parties liable.

Nursing Home Residents do Not Always Report Abuse

Sadly, nursing home residents do not always come forward when they have been victims of physical abuse. Many abuse survivors are unable to speak up to protect or defend themselves. They may have dementia or another ailment that makes it hard for them to report abuse. Even if a resident is physically or mentally able to report physical abuse, they may keep silent for fear of reprisal or further punishment from their abuser, or they may feel ashamed to admit that they were the victim of abuse.

A dedicated team of compassionate Denver lawyers could interview staff members, residents, and visitors to identify any indications of mistreatment or other suspicious behavior. We could also examine a nursing home’s employee records to see if the facility hired staff without the necessary qualifications or a proper background check.

How to Spot Signs of Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

If a family suspects that their loved one has been the victim of physical abuse at the hands of nursing home staff members, they may need to look for subtle physical signs of assault, such as:

  • Unexplained bruises
  • Open wounds and other untreated injuries
  • Rope marks and chafing around the wrists and ankles, indicative of excessive restraints
  • Broken bones or sprains
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Sign of sexual assault, such as torn undergarments or genital bleeding

Even when there are no visible signs of abuse, family members may notice changes in a loved one’s personality or behavior that could indicate physical abuse. For instance, their loved one may become more depressed, angry, sad, agitated, withdrawn, or fearful. Other signs of physical abuse include a nursing home’s sudden and unexplained prevention of family visits during regular visiting hours. An experienced attorney could work closely with a Denver family to help investigate the truth behind signs of physical abuse taking place in a local nursing home.

Let a Denver Attorney Help Stop Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

Nursing home employees may resort to using physical force if they are overworked, tired, or frustrated, yet there is never a justifiable excuse for abusing a resident. If an employee’s use of physical force caused your loved one to suffer pain, injury, or impairment, something must be done to stop that employee and hold them accountable.

Our team of local attorneys understands the traumatic toll that physical abuse in Denver nursing homes takes on families. We could fight on your behalf to ensure your loved one receives the compassion, care, and respect they deserve, so call today.

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