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The aftermath of a personal injury can be a confusing and frustrating time. Simply being involved in an accident has the potential to throw your life into chaos—you may need extensive medical treatment that can last for weeks, months, or even years, and at the same time, you should consider what your legal rights are and who should pay for your losses.

At-fault parties should be held responsible for providing compensation to victims of their negligence. However, obtaining proper compensation is never automatic and is rarely easy. Unrepresented plaintiffs can find themselves flooded by paperwork and could fall victim to aggressive insurance representatives.

A Weld County personal injury lawyer could help you pursue your case in a timely and effective manner. By retaining the services of a professional attorney, you could more proactively analyze settlements that fit your claim and, if necessary, take your case to court to recover you the compensation you deserve.

What is the First Thing a Person Should Do When Filing an Injury Claim?

While the moments following the onset of a personal injury are for seeking medical treatment, it is worth remembering that the earlier a person understands their legal rights, the better their chance for a successful claim. Among many other services, a Weld County personal injury attorney could help injured people begin their claims properly.

This often starts with an in-depth examination of the facts of the situation that led to the injury. An attorney could help perform an independent investigation into a variety of incidents, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including those involving pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Slipping and falling incidents, as well as other injuries, on another’s property
  • Animal attacks
  • Injuries from dangerous consumer products

By gathering all the relevant evidence for a particular case, dedicated legal counsel could more effectively fit the facts that led to an injury into the relevant laws and help a plaintiff seek proper compensation accordingly.

Why is it Important to Press for a Fair Settlement?

Most personal injury cases end with a settlement that both parties find agreeable. A competent attorney could work to build a demand package that evaluates the facts, explains why the defendant is at fault and makes a fair request for appropriate compensation.

Building an understanding of a plaintiff’s losses is vital to any personal injury claim. While all personal injury cases involve some sort of physical injury, in reality, a case often includes both economic and emotional losses.

For example, it is rare for a plaintiff who does not miss time at work because of their injury, meaning a claim could demand reimbursement for these losses. Also, many injured individuals suffer mental pain as well as physical harm after an accident, so evaluating the extent of the mental anguish endured by the plaintiff and demand fair compensation could be critical to constructing a comprehensive claim. A personal injury lawyer in Weld County could help plaintiffs understand the true value of their cases and press for fair payments before a case gets to court.

When Would a Personal Injury Victim Need to Take their Case to Trial?

In certain situations, a plaintiff may need to take their case to court to obtain the compensation they deserve. Weld County personal injury lawyers could help people every step of the way, from filing an initial complaint to making a case before a judge or jury.

However, going to court can be risky, since Colorado state law utilizes the concept of comparative negligence to assign blame in most accident cases. According to Colorado Revised Statutes §13-21-102.5, juries could evaluate both parties actions and assign responsibility as a percentage.

This percentage would determine the amount of compensation that a plaintiff may receive. As a result, taking a case to court may result in significantly lesser compensation than if a case ends with a settlement, depending on the circumstances. In other cases, though, this may be the only path forward to collect compensation at all.

Contact a Weld County Personal Injury Attorney Today

Suffering a personal injury because of the actions of another party is never an easy thing, and it could be essential to your personal health and financial future that you receive the necessary medical treatment to aid in your recovery and build a civil case against the party responsible for your accident. However, the presence of an injury alone is not enough to prevail in a civil lawsuit. You also need to show how a defendant’s actions, or lack thereof, resulted in your losses.

A Weld County personal injury lawyer could help you with this process. After working to discover all the evidence in the, they could use that evidence to build a case against a defendant that fits within established law and represent your interests in settlement talks and in court. Contact an attorney today to start exploring your legal options, as the time to file a claim may be running out.

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Hands down the best law office I have had the pleasure of working with. As soon as they started handling my injury claim they took absolutely everything off of my plate and took great care if me. They got me into a fantastic physical therapy clinic and took everything in dealing with the insurance company. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. They were perfect. I highly recommend them if you have an injury claim.

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