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Weld County Bus Accident Lawyer 

If you were recently riding a bus then found yourself the victim of a bus accident, you should take action quickly. Most bus accident cases involve government entities, making any civil suit held against them fall under a shorter timeline than a traditional personal injury lawsuit.

Due to the many passengers on a bus, the weight and size of the bus, as well as the lack of seatbelts installed or used on a bus, the injuries from such an accident can be severe or even life-threatening. Victims of such an accident should contact a dedicated attorney. A Weld County bus accident lawyer could help you with crafting an injury claim in order to receive compensation for your injuries.

Common Examples of Bus Wreck Injuries

Bus accidents can affect victims in different ways. Serious injuries may include broken bones, concussions and other brain injuries such as internal organ damage or bleeding, lacerations, and fractures.

Most bus accident victims may sustain more than one injury. Some of these injuries would not be diagnosed unless the victim gets medical attention at the hospital. The mix of shock and adrenaline in the victim’s body at the time of the accident may also make it difficult for the victim to realize the full extent of their injuries without further testing. With this in mind, every victim in an accident with a bus should be evaluated by a doctor.

Establishing Liability in a Bus Crash

Bus companies, including common carriers, have a responsibility to passengers to keep the bus safely maintained and to ensure drivers are provided with the right training. When this duty of care is breached and an accident occurs, victims are within their rights to file a lawsuit. Most busses in Colorado are operated under a Regional Transportation District, which is a local entity of the area government.

Identification of all liable parties in a bus accident could prove to be challenging. In some cases, victims might not be able to remember the moments before the incident. Furthermore, the bus owner or driver might try to tell their own version of events to the involved insurance company. Since more than one party could be liable for the accident, any civil lawsuit regarding a bus wreck should be filed with the help of a Weld County bus accident lawyer as quickly as possible.

Retain the Services of a Weld County Bus Accident Attorney

Not every bus accident will yield the kind of severe injuries that may warrant a personal injury lawsuit. However, most bus accident victims may miss time at work while struggling with growing medical bills from their injuries. If you find yourself missing several days of work and being unsure of what to do next, hiring a Weld County bus accident lawyer may be your pathway for receiving the compensation you deserve.

An attorney could manage the legal aspects of your case, keep you informed about settlement offers, and prepare all evidence for trial so that you can work on bettering your health after this unfortunate crash. Schedule a consultation today to get started on your case.

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