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Weld County Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Across the country, drug companies make and promote hundreds of new drugs every single year. For some of these medicines, however, the side effects far outweigh the benefits, causing patients to incur injuries unrelated to their previous condition.

If you have suffered an injury due to the side effect of a drug, contact an experienced attorney for help with holding the manufacturer of that medicine responsible in court. With the help of a Weld County dangerous drugs lawyer, you may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Deadly Side Effects of Drugs

Users of medications should expect some form of minor or mild side effects. The labels provided with these drugs are used by doctors and patients to determine the true risk profile of a medication. However, when more serious side effects are not published on the label, victims are entitled to file a lawsuit with the help of a Weld County dangerous drugs lawyer.

Side effects could include damage to the central nervous system, internal bleeding, organ damage, or other conditions requiring hospitalization. Fatal injuries may also be ground for a wrongful death civil suit.

Process of Recovering Damages

Drugs can be considered defective as a result of side effects not being properly publicized, an error during the manufacturing process, and/or design flaws. When these drugs are used off-label for non-approved purposes, patients can also be put at risk for side effects.

Reasons for a drug to be considered dangerous may include:

  • Not enough studies used by the company to determine the presence or severity of any long-term side effects
  • The drug was approved on a fast track because it was allegedly similar to something on the market, but had critical side effect risks
  • The medication was made in a facility that did not have to meet FDA approval standards
  • The side effects of the drug were not printed on the label

The manufacturer, the pharmaceutical sales rep, the testing facility, or the hospital might be named in a dangerous drugs lawsuit. The plaintiff should be able to show that the maker of the drug did know about the side effects and failed to disclose them or should have known about the risks.

Retaining a Weld County Dangerous Drugs Attorney

The legal teams working for the defense would have comprehensive strategies and plenty of resources to use for your case. Likewise, you should be prepared to show how the drug you used was unreasonably dangerous and why the manufacturer should be held responsible in court.

The financial pressure of keeping up with injury-related bills is challenging for anyone recovering from an accident. However, a Weld County dangerous drugs lawyer could provide you with the professional legal guidance required to help you gain compensation for your damages. An attorney should offer a free consultation to provide you with more information about your right to file a case. Schedule a consultation today to get started on your case and hold drug manufacturers accountable for their negligent actions.

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