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Millions of products are put onto the market for consumer purchase, but plenty of these products end up subject to recalls or even lawsuits against the manufacturer. Even the most basic of household items can become dangerous or deadly if it was not manufactured safely or had an underlying design defect. Since consumers encounter hundreds of products every day, it can catch a user off guard when a product malfunctions and causes injuries or property damage.

To protect your family, contact a Weld County defective products lawyer to learn more about taking legal action to recover damages. A skilled attorney could help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

Issuing Liability in a Defective Products Injury Claim

An injury case, whether solved in settlement negotiations or brought through court, should show that the maker of the product failed to remove a hazardous aspect of their product, or to warn users about that tissue. Since most victims can show some type of injury, these cases are often determined by whether the item was being used correctly or claims from the defense that the injuries of the victim were from some other accident altogether.

Evidence in a product liability claim and testimony from an expert are used to illustrate the true depth of a product’s dangers. Products could become the subject of a product liability lawsuit before or after a recall has been issued for that product. Usually, by the time a case makes it to court, dozens or even hundreds of people have already had a bad experience with a product. Some of these product liability injuries are catastrophic and could even claim the lives of other users.

Product Defect Types

There are a few different ways for a product to be classified as defective. In most cases, liability is established by the plaintiff showing that an injury occurred and that this injury was caused by a defect within the product or a failure to warn the consumer. Establishing that a defect existed is key for getting compensation through the claim. In order to prove that a defect existed, it may be wise to retain the services of a Weld County defective products lawyer.

The kinds of defects referenced in product liability cases include:

  • Manufacturing defects when the item is made improperly or with unsafe materials
  • Design defects when the plaintiff argues the design was flawed from the beginning
  • Warning defects when there is not an appropriate warning on the item to notify consumers about a risk

Services Provided by a Weld County Defective Product Attorney

Defective product cases are complex and frequently hinge on testimony from expert witnesses. Defendants in these claims rely on strong legal teams to push back. The company may even argue that it was the plaintiff’s method of using the product that led to problems.

With the help of a Weld County defective products lawyer, you may be able to take a stand to represent the interests of the person or family who suffered injuries because of a defect. Every aspect of the case should be thoroughly examined by a lawyer in order to craft a compelling case. Contact an attorney today to get started on filing compensation for your losses and suffering from using a dangerous product.

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