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Despite many drivers’ beliefs, bikers enjoy the same rights while on the road like all other travelers. This includes the right of way, the right to be protected from other motorists, and the right to demand compensation in case of an injury that is the fault of another.

If you have suffered an injury because of another party’s negligence, you may have the right to retain an experienced personal injury attorney and pursue damages, which could include payments for medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. A Weld County motorcycle accident lawyer could help you pursue your claim efficiently and aggressively. En Español.

The Legal Basis for Motorcycle Accident Claims

It is a rare case where the defendant in a motorcycle accident case intends to cause an injury. Much like most motor vehicle crashes, the majority of motorcycle collisions are accidents. However, just because a defendant did not intend to cause harm to a plaintiff does not mean that they are not responsible for their actions.

To prevail in a case based upon negligence, a plaintiff must be able to demonstrate that the defendant was legally at fault. One way to do so is to demonstrate a way that the defendant violated a rule of the road. Incidents involving texting while driving, failing to yield, or speeding can all satisfy this requirement.

Other cases may require a more nuanced approach of examining each party’s actions before the collision or even working with an accident reconstruction expert. A Weld County motorcycle crash attorney could help injured bikers prove the defendant is at fault for their accident.

Helping Bikers Set Things Right

The purpose of a personal injury claim following a motorbike crash is not to enrich an injured person, but to place victims in the same financial situation they would have been in had the accident not occurred. In light of this, a Weld County motorcycle accident lawyer could pursue three common categories of compensation in motorcycle accident cases.

First, a plaintiff could demand reimbursement for any medical treatment necessitated by the accident. This may include an ambulance trip, emergency treatment, and any required surgeries or therapy sessions. In a particularly serious case, a settlement demand could also demand payment for necessary future treatment(s).

Injured parties may also demand payments for any lost wages stemming from a motorbike collision. Whether the incident requires a victim to miss a few shifts at work to attend appointments or renders them permanently disabled, a claim could demand payment for these lost earnings.

Finally, a claim should also demand compensation for any mental anguish felt by the plaintiff. Many motorcycle accidents are traumatic experiences, and it is not uncommon for injured bikers to suffer from nightmares or hesitancy to ride again, or even to require mental health counseling after an incident. A claim can demand payments intended to make up for this lost quality of life.

What a Weld County Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Do to Help

If you were hurt in a motorcycle crash, it is understandable to be confused and frightened. Severe physical injuries may make it impossible to live your life as you want. However, defendant insurance companies may be working to protect their clients and their profits, and it may seem like there is no possibility for a positive outcome.

A Weld County motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help you handle every portion of your case, from filing an initial claim to investigating the accident, to representing your rights in settlement talks and in court. Call today if you wish to give yourself a favorable chance of filing a successful claim.

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