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Bedsores in Denver Nursing Homes

Since they often have limited mobility and mental faculties, nursing home residents depend heavily on facility staff members and administrators for day-to-day comfort and care. One of the most important duties that employees of assisted living facilities have is ensuring that residents have sanitary living conditions, and that they do not stay in one place for so long that bedsores begin to form.

If your loved one has suffered this painful and debilitating condition as a result of negligent treatment from nursing home professionals, you may have grounds to file suit against the party or parties responsible for your family member’s injuries. A qualified attorney could explain how lawsuits based on bedsores in Denver nursing homes work and go over legal options for your unique situation.

What Causes Bedsores to Form?

Also known as pressure ulcers and pressure sores, bedsores are a form of skin infection that occurs when someone sits or lies in the same position for a lengthy period of time, putting sustained pressure on particular areas of skin. Individuals confined to wheelchairs may develop pressure sores in the spine, shoulders, buttocks, and the back of their arms or legs, while bedridden individuals may suffer bedsores in the hips, lower back, knees, heels, shoulders, and the back of their scalp.

There are four “stages” that medical professionals use to describe the severity of bedsores—Stage 1 bedsores are characterized by redness and warmth to the touch, and successive stages involve deeper and deeper penetration into the skin, eventually leading to necrosis of muscle tissue, nerves, and even bones. Stage 3 bedsores may require emergency medical intervention beyond topical treatments, and Stage 4 infections can often be fatal.

In addition to significant physical discomfort, bedsores can also contribute to the development of other dangerous conditions, including cellulitis, sepsis, bone infections, and certain forms of skin cancer. Anyone whose family member is experiencing any stage of pressure sore in a Denver nursing home should seek immediate medical attention on their behalf before taking any legal action.

Addressing Nursing Home Neglect Through Civil Litigation

It is important to understand that bedsores almost never form under “normal” conditions in a hospital or nursing home—in other words, some degree of neglect is virtually always involved if a vulnerable elderly patient is left alone and unmoved long enough to develop pressure sores. If nursing home staff members do not ensure that residents with limited mobility change positions regularly and receive daily skin inspections, they may be financially liable for damages suffered by that resident as a result.

Once a Denver nursing home resident has received appropriate medical treatment for their bedsore(s), concerned family members should strongly consider filing a report with the facility’s administrator at minimum, and potentially notifying the Colorado Nursing Home Administrators Board, Denver County Adult Protective Services, or—in extreme cases—local law enforcement. A nursing home neglect lawyer could help determine what the best course of action for a particular situation would be, as well as discuss damages for which an ensuing lawsuit could seek recovery.

A Denver Attorney Could Help Pursue a Nursing Home Bedsore Lawsuit

No one should have to suffer through the pain and indignity of a skin infection simply because they received inadequate care from professionals entrusted with their care. Fortunately, if your family member suffered maltreatment of any kind in a nursing home, you have the right to take legal action on their behalf.

A qualified legal professional could help anyone dealing with bedsores in Denver nursing homes seek financial recovery for their injuries and losses. Call today to discuss the possibilities for your case.

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