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Emotional and Mental Abuse in Denver Nursing Homes

Long-term care facilities have a responsibility to protect residents from harm. Unfortunately, emotional and mental abuse in Denver nursing homes continue to happen, often because facilities do not believe they will be held accountable.

Nursing homes and long-term facilities could be liable when a staff member, volunteer, another resident, or any other caregiver causes a resident to experience emotional pain and distress. A compassionate nursing home abuse attorney at Amy G Injury Firm could listen to your needs and concerns and help you take the best steps toward protecting your loved one.

Warning Signs of Psychological Abuse

Nursing home residents are often vulnerable to abuse and neglect because people believe they will not fight back or take action against a perpetrator. For this reason, it is important for family members to stay attentive to their loved ones in nursing homes and watch for any signs they are experiencing abuse.

Some warning signs that a nursing home resident is experiencing emotional abuse include:

  • Symptoms of depression
  • Withdrawal, or refusing to interact and speak with others
  • Sudden changes in personality or behavior
  • Agitation
  • Excessive fear or nervousness
  • Unusual behaviors such as sucking, biting, or rocking

While people may not view emotional and mental abuse as severe instances of negligence, the reality is that continued psychological abuse can be especially dangerous for isolated nursing home residents. As the effects of abuse worsen, there may be serious consequences for the resident’s health. If the resident is feeling depressed, they may lose their appetite, stop sleeping, and even refuse to take medications. These effects may weaken the immune system and make the resident more susceptible to illness and infections. To avoid these consequences, concerned family members should retain the services of a Denver attorney as soon as they believe a nursing home resident is experiencing mental or emotional abuse.

What To Do When You Suspect Emotional Abuse in a Nursing Home

There are several steps our attorneys would advise concerned family members to take to ensure a nursing home resident’s safety. Family members should report the abuse to the nursing home administrator or the person in charge of the facility at the time of the incident. They should also contact local law enforcement, obtain medical attention for the resident if needed, and contact the nursing home’s licensing and certification agency. Most importantly, a family should work to remove their loved one from the nursing home. An attorney could help family members through this process to ensure a nursing home resident does not experience more pain.

Once a nursing home resident is safe and cared for, family members should consider taking legal action against the facility that allowed for abuse. Nursing homes have a legal duty of care to protect residents from harm and meet all their immediate needs. This duty includes protecting residents from abusive staff members as well as other residents. A determined Denver attorney could guide family members through the process of collecting evidence and building a case demonstrating why a nursing home should be liable for an instance of emotional or mental abuse.

Connect With a Denver Attorney About Mental and Emotional Abuse in Nursing Homes

Emotional and mental abuse in Denver nursing homes may be more difficult to prove than physical abuse claims. However, affected families still have every right to take legal action on a resident’s behalf.

An experienced attorney could guide you through the process of seeking compensation and accountability from a negligent long-term care facility. Call today to schedule a consultation and discuss how our legal team could help.

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