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If you suffered from a workplace injury, you may find it difficult to quickly return to normal life and move forward. A workplace injury can keep you out of work due to the pain of the injury, the myriad of doctor’s appointments that may be required, the need for physical therapy sessions, and many other related reasons. You may be forced to miss days from work, which means you can lose part of your paycheck. This can be a very stressful time for you and your family. En Español.

You have rights under Colorado’s workers’ compensation laws. You may be protected under the law, which can provide compensation for your missed days at work, even partial days resulting from mid-day doctor’s appointment or physical therapy sessions. You may also be entitled to have medical bills paid, including extensive surgeries related to the workplace injury.

Perhaps your employer did not tell you all of this, or perhaps they did. Either way, by law, there are certain disclosures that must be made by an employer. A Littleton workers’ compensation lawyer can provide you with this information to help ensure your rights are protected. Contact a dedicated injury lawyer in Colorado today to begin your case.

Why Workers’ Compensation Law?

Workers’ compensation law evolved out of the need to protect employees from the rigors of their jobs. Injured workers were readily replaceable, especially laborers, and employers could avoid caring for injured employees by firing them and hiring new.

Employees would then be forced to sue their employer for negligence, which is a process that could take months or years to resolve. The inherent problem was that the employer generally controlled all information and had an unfair position over the injured employee who was likely out of work with an injury.

Workers’ compensation laws were born out of the need to provide an easy and efficient way for an employee to receive compensation for their injuries without filing a negligence lawsuit. While there are very limited instances where an employee may still need to commence a negligence or declaratory judgment action against an employer, these are largely resolved by workers’ compensation laws.

What Workers’ Compensation May Cover

Workers’ compensation covers more than just a slip and fall or accident in the workplace. Indeed, what is covered under workers’ compensation can be extensive and include a wide range of injuries, accidents, illnesses, and other conditions you may not associate with workplace injuries.

For instance, some common types of worker injuries or accidents which may be covered under workers’ compensation laws in Littleton includes the following:

  • Construction site accidents such as trip and falls over debris, falls from a high height, injuries from falling debris, and equipment use accidents
  • Hospital or healthcare injuries such as slip and falls on substances (water, saline solution, or even blood from a patient), procedure accidents (such as pricking oneself with a syringe), or back or joint injuries from long periods of standing
  • Motor vehicle accidents while working and within the scope of employment
  • Exposure to harmful substances such as asbestos, acids, mold, or other toxins
  • Repetitive stress injuries, including carpel tunnel injuries from typing
  • Electrocution accidents, particularly at construction sites
  • Heavy lifting injuries to the back, knees, or shoulders
  • Vision loss or hearing loss due to workplace conditions such as blasting, welding, or other extreme activity required at the workplace

Contact a Littleton Workers’ Compensation Attorney

It can feel embarrassing or scary to tell your employer you were injured while on the job. But workers’ compensation laws in place are meant to protect hard-working people who have been seriously injured while working.

If you were injured at your workplace or believe you have an illness or medical condition related to your place of employment, call a Littleton workers’ compensation lawyer to learn what rights you may have to compensation.

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