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Wrongful Death of a Minor in Denver 

The wrongful death of a minor in Denver is an extremely difficult situation to deal with. An expert must be hired to determine what type of earning power the deceased minor could have made over the course of the minor’s lifetime. This is a subjective methodology because nothing is exact as to how much the minor can earn and it is dependent on what the minor would have done.

For instance, if the minor decide to become a cook or a chef, they are going to make a lot less than a professional athlete. Therefore, the expert will try to prove these things with the facts that the expert has available to them at the time of the minor deceased. The situation is tough, but a professional Denver wrongful death lawyer can provide some legal reassurance. En Español.

Common Causes of Wrongful Death of Minors

Common causes of a wrongful death of a minor occur when they are not properly fastened in a car seat and they are ejected from the vehicle.

In order to bring a wrongful death action, the death must be a result of the tortfeasor’s negligence, it must stem from the tortfeasor’s action. The second and third part of that question, a person must have an at-fault party in order to collect from someone. If there is no one to recover from, the claims cannot survive, a person must identify the at-fault party and then they have to be able to collect from them and if there is no third party, they collect from third party tort fees. Unfortunately, there is nothing that an attorney can do to recover any damages for them. There are many cases involving wrongful death in minors in Denver. Call a wrongful death of a minor attorney to see what can be done about a situation.

Damages Sought

Economic damages, non-economic damages, and physical impairment if they are present, which would also be collected if there was an adult, are all damages sought in a wrongful death case of a minor in Denver.

Line Between Wrongful Death of Minor and Negligence

The negligence usually comes from a third party tortfeasor’s action. The third party tortfeasor’s action must be the root cause of the death and the negligence in order to collect damages under the wrongful death. In layman’s terms, the death of the minor has to be the result of the third party’s negligence.

In a similar scenario involving a car accident and someone suffered a broken arm, but died from a heart attack two weeks later, it is going to be difficult to prove that the heart attack was the underlying cause of a third party tortfeasor’s negligence. The case of a wrongful death of a minor in Denver is very fact-specific. It is difficult to collect wrongful death in that perspective. A person should include all information with an attorney, as much as they can remember to help them get the compensation they may deserve. The wrongful death of a minor in Denver is a difficult situation, and an attorney is here to help.

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