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People expect that the prescription and over the counter drugs they take to treat or cure their illnesses will be safe, and most of the time they are. However, sometimes taking certain medications can hurt a person. If you or a family member suffered harmful side effects after taking a drug, you might be entitled to recover damages for your injuries.

Call an Englewood dangerous drugs lawyer today to see if filing a personal injury lawsuit against the people responsible for your injuries is the best decision for your family.

Potential Defendants in an Englewood Dangerous Medication Case

As with all personal injury cases, an injured claimant would need to prove that another party is legally liable for their injuries. An experienced local attorney would look through the evidence to search for all possible defendants. Generally, they would look to the pharmaceutical company, the prescribing physician, and the pharmacist.

Suits Against a Pharmaceutical Company

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitors drugs before they can be released to consumers and sets forth safety regulations that pharmaceutical companies must follow as they develop new drugs. Drug manufacturers must subject their drugs to rigorous FDA safety testing to ensure that they design, produce, and manufacture medications that are safe to the public. Drug companies need to observe a sufficiently large sampling of people for a long enough time to study the exact side effects of a drug, and they are obligated to report any adverse findings to the FDA.

Pharmaceutical companies need to minimize the unwanted side effects of drugs. If they are unable to reduce certain side effects, then they are obligated to disclose those side effects to the FDA. They must also warn consumers about potential risks by placing clear warnings on a drug’s packaging about all potential side effects and any possible negative counteractions with other drugs.

An experienced local attorney could help a victim pursue a claim against a drug company by examining the company’s records to see if the company met the industry standard in their manufacturing and testing. Skilled legal representatives could check to see if the company followed the safety guidelines set forth by the FDA. They could also review the warning label included with the medication to see if the warning was sufficient to warn a reasonable person of the possible side effects or negative interactions with other drugs. An attorney with experience in dangerous medication litigation could also advise individuals on whether they should pursue an individual case against the drug company or whether they should join in a large class action suit with other people who suffered similar injuries after taking the same dangerous drug.

Suits Against the Prescribing Physician

Doctors need to be aware of their patient’s medical history before prescribing them new medication. They need to know if their patient is allergic to any drugs, and know what other drugs their patient is taking. Doctors also need to be sure that they prescribe the right dosage of a new medication to each patient. If a doctor mistakenly prescribes an adult dosage of medicine to a 30-pound toddler, and the toddler becomes seriously ill, then the family of that toddler could pursue a claim against the doctor for medical malpractice. An attorney could help by working with medical experts to review the medical records to prove that the doctor’s mistake in prescribing the medication was unreasonable.

Suits Against the Pharmacist Who Filled the Drug Prescription

Pharmacists have a responsibility to fill prescriptions exactly as they are prescribed. If they give a customer the wrong medicine or the wrong dosage of the right medicine and that customer becomes ill, then an Englewood attorney could help that customer pursue a negligence claim against the pharmacist.

Reach out to an Englewood Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

Dangerous drug claims are complicated. You should reach out to a skilled attorney to give yourself the best chance to receive a financial judgment that would hold the responsible parties accountable for their wrongful actions. Call an Englewood dangerous drugs lawyer today to get the help that you deserve.

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