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Englewood Premises Liability Lawyer

Englewood property owners have a legal responsibility to protect lawful visitors on their land by telling them about dangers on the premises or taking the necessary steps to remedy these dangers. Therefore, if a property owner fails to regard their duty of care, and someone is injured on their land, the owner could be liable for their damages.

An Englewood premises liability lawyer could help you pursue compensation if you have been injured due to a property owner’s negligence. A personal injury attorney could work alongside you to fight for the financial damages you deserve.

What are the Filing Requirements for Premises Liability Claims?

Englewood law states that premises liability claims must be filed within two years of the date on which the person is injured (see Englewood Revised Statutes Annotated § 13-80-102). This two-year deadline can only be extended if a rare exception applies, which means that most of the time if someone misses the filing window, they are no longer eligible for compensation. An example of a potential exception to the statute of limitations is when a minor child is injured on someone’s property due to the owner’s negligence. In this type of situation, the two-filing period would start on the person’s 18th birthday.

What are the Common Causes of Premises Liability Accidents?

A premises liability claim involves any injury sustained on another person’s land. The property could be private, such as someone’s home residence, or public areas such as a shopping mall. Common premises liability accidents include pool accidents, snowboarding accidents, escalator accidents, animal attacks, trip and falls, and slip and falls. Negligent security, broken stairs, defective elevators, and dangerous holes or cracks in a sidewalk are also property dangers that could give rise to a premises liability claim. An Englewood attorney could evaluate the basis of someone’s premises liability claim to determine whether the property owner’s negligence caused their injuries.

Englewood Premises Liability Law

Englewood law separates the visitors into three separate categories in the context of premises liability. These categories are trespassers, invitees, and licensees. The kind of visitor someone was when they were injured not only informs the legal duty imposed on the property owner but determines whether or not the person could be entitled to compensation.

Trespassers are on the land without the property owner’s permission. For this reason, a trespasser can only seek compensation if the property owner intentionally inflicted injury upon them.

Invitees are typically on the premises to provide some form of benefit to the owner (i.e., a customer at a coffee shop). A property owner owes a very high duty to invitees, which is to safeguard them from hazards they discover or ought to find by exerting reasonable care.

The final category of visitors, licensees, are also owed a specific legal duty by a property owner. A property owner must inform a licensee of hazards that they are not responsible for and which are not usually on the premises, as well as hazards that they are responsible for and can discover by using reasonable care. The property owner could also be liable if they knew about the danger but neglected to fix it. A knowledgeable attorney could explain Englewood premises liability law and advise an injured party whether they may be entitled to financial recovery from the property owner.

Contact an Englewood Premises Liability Attorney About Your Case

Premises liability claims can be very challenging to prove. It is advisable to work with an Englewood premises liability lawyer who is familiar with the laws surrounding these claims and could aggressively advocate for all compensation owed to you.

To get your legal questions answered and find out more about starting a claim, contact an Englewood attorney today for a confidential case evaluation.

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