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People expect the products that they buy at the store to be safe. Unfortunately, some products are so defective or dangerous that even their normal use can cause devastating injuries to an unsuspecting consumer. If you or someone in your family suffered severe harm after using a product, you might be entitled to recover a financial settlement in a personal injury lawsuit against that product’s designer, manufacturer, or distributor. Reach out to a skilled Englewood defective products lawyer as soon as possible to schedule a consultation to review your case.

What Kind of Products Typically Cause Injuries?

Although products must meet safety regulations and undergo testing before becoming available for sale to consumers, some dangerous products still manage to slip through the cracks. Most commonly, product liability cases involve the following types of products:

  • Defective automobile parts, such as faulty brakes
  • Dangerous children’s products, such as cribs or strollers that cause a baby to fall
  • Dangerous children’s toys, such as toys that pose choking hazards
  • Dangerous medication, either prescription or over the counter drugs
  • Flammable clothes, such as children’s pajamas that do not meet the safety standards regarding flammability
  • Defective home appliances or other household products
  • Dangerous food, such as when people become sick after eating food contaminated with listeria
  • Toxic chemicals in consumer products

Local product liability attorneys have had experience with cases involving many different types of defective products. They would help by scrutinizing the evidence and then advising a potential claimant as to whether it is in their best interests to proceed with a lawsuit.

What Types of Defects are Commonly Found in Dangerous Products?

Some consumer products cause injuries because the products are inherently flawed, while others harm people because they did not come with appropriate operating instructions or warnings.

Products with Inherent Safety Flaws

Product designers, engineers, and manufacturers need to develop products that are safe for consumers. Both the designs and the manufacturing of their products must be free from defects. Companies need to adhere to state and federal consumer protection rules and regulations when designing and manufacturing their products. Manufacturers also need to make sure that their products undergo rigorous safety and quality testing. In addition, manufacturers need to use materials that are safe for their intended consumers. For example, when a company builds a teething toy for a toddler, they need to make sure that they eliminate the use of unsafe or potentially toxic materials because that toy will clearly be in the mouth of a child.

Products with Insufficient Operating Instructions or Warnings

Products that do not come with sufficient operating instructions or warnings about potential risks have marketing defects. Manufacturers have a duty to inform consumers if their product poses a threat. Most consumer warnings are found on the product’s instructions or packaging. A product might have a marketing defect if a person sustains an injury from using the product in the manner in which a person would reasonably use it after reading the included instructions.

Let an Englewood Defective Products Attorney Help

Cases involving defective or damaged products are challenging. They require an in-depth understanding of complex scientific and legal matters. It is essential to put your trust into a skilled lawyer who will work with you and explain those matters to you throughout every step of the legal process. Call an experienced Englewood defective products lawyer today to see if they can assist you.

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