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When a biker is injured in a motorcycle crash caused by the negligence of a fellow motorist, recovering compensation can be vital to their financial and physical recovery. If you have been involved in a motorcycle wreck and sustained injuries, you should speak with an Englewood motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. A personal injury attorney could fight for financial recovery on your behalf, allowing you to focus on healing and moving forward from your accident.

What are the Motorcycle Laws in Englewood?

In Englewood, motorcyclists are to be shown the same courtesies on the roadway as other drivers. That said, riders must be sure to follow the specific body of laws Englewood outlines for the operation of motorcycles on highways and roads.

For example, motorcyclists are barred from trying to drive in a lane alongside another motor vehicle. A maximum of two motorcycle riders may operate their bikes alongside one another in a single lane of traffic. Furthermore, motorcyclists may not pass a car in the same lane that the car is in, nor should a rider ever operate their motorcycle in between two lanes.

If a rider is 18 or older, they are not legally mandated to wear a motorcycle helmet. However, wearing a motorcycle helmet is strongly advisable to reduce the risk of catastrophic injury in the event of a crash. Bikers and their passengers must wear some type of eye gear to shield their eyes at all times when on riding a motorcycle.

Timeline to File an Englewood Motorcycle Crash Claim

Per Englewood Revised Statutes Annotated § 13-80-101, motorcycle crash claims are subject to a three-year filing window. This means that if a reckless or negligent driver injures a motorcyclist, they have up to three years from the wreck to pursue legal action against the at-fault motorist, or else miss out on compensation. An Englewood attorney could help an injured motorcyclist file their crash claim by the three-year deadline.

What Damages Could a Victim Recover in a Motorbike Injury Claim?

A biker who is involved in a motorcycle wreck is likely to suffer grave injuries, particularly if they did not have a helmet on when the crash occurred. Injuries such as paralysis, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, internal bleeding, and organ damage are common. Any of these injuries could permanently affect a motorcyclist’s quality of life. For instance, someone who is paralyzed due to their motorcycle accident injuries may require permanent in-home care and be left unable to earn a living.

An Englewood attorney could help an injured motorcyclist seek recovery for their damages sustained in the wreck. A motorcyclist’s recoverable compensation could include their economic damages, such as hospital bills, costs associated with home medications to accommodate their injury, and lost wages. Compensation for the motorcyclist’s non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering, as well as punitive damages, may also be recovered.

Call an Englewood Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you were injured recently while riding your motorcycle or lost a family member in a tragic motorcycle crash, do not hesitate to seek the legal representation you need and deserve to handle your case. An Englewood motorcycle accident lawyer could help you seek compensation for your losses and work hard to see that the at-fault driver is held accountable for their negligence.

Call an Englewood accident attorney today to receive your confidential case evaluation.

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