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Boating on Colorado’s beautiful waterways is a popular recreational activity, but it is also more dangerous than many people realize. Many boat operators are inexperienced and may not be diligent about following safety precautions or adhering to navigation rules. Since boats are not designed to restrain passengers in an accident, even a minor collision could lead to a serious injury or even death.

When negligence has a role in a boat accident that leads to property damage or physical injury, the negligent party can be held liable for another party’s losses. These can include medical expenses, time lost from work, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. If you have been involved in a boat accident and were injured, contacting an Englewood boat accident lawyer right away could help you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney today.

Boaters Must Operate Their Vessels Safely

Colorado law C.S.A. §33-13-108(2) prohibits vessel operators from endangering others on the water. The law specifically bars a vessel from becoming airborne while at an unsafe distance from another vessel, weaving through vessel traffic, speeding, or operating recklessly. It is also illegal to operate a vessel while under the influence of intoxicants.

If there is an accident on the water, boaters must render aid if they can do so safely. Boat operators must exchange contact information and report any accident that causes an injury, disappearance, death, or property damage exceeding of $2000, to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department. Contacting a boat accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident could help preserve any evidence of non-compliance with boating laws and regulations in Englewood.

Money Damages May Be Available from Responsible Parties

Anyone whose negligence causes an accident that results in injury is liable to the injured person for damages. In the context of a boating accident, usually the injured person must show that a boater was operating a vessel in an unsafe manner or without taking reasonable precautions, and that the accident happened because of the operator’s unsafe actions. A claimant also must show actual losses resulted from the accident.

Sometimes a boating accident occurs because of a defect in a vessel or its equipment. In that case, the injured person might seek damages from the designer, manufacturer, or seller of the boat. In this type of action, the plaintiff need not show negligence, but only that the vessel or its equipment was unreasonably dangerous because of a design defect, a manufacturing flaw, or a deficiency in the instructions or warnings that came with it.

Colorado follows a comparative negligence rule (C.S.A.§13-21-111), which means that each party’s liability for damages is allocated in proportion to their degree of responsibility for the accident. If a plaintiff is partially responsible for causing the accident, they can still seek damages from parties who were more responsible. A boat accident attorney may be able to present the case so that other parties are assigned most of the liability for an accident, preserving the victim’s ability to collect damages.

Seek Help Immediately from an Englewood Boat Accident Attorney

The consequences of a boat accident can be devastating, and no one should have to deal with them alone. Working with a boat accident attorney can relieve the pressure around dealing with the financial fallout from the accident and allow you to concentrate on healing and moving forward in your life.

There is only a short time to pursue a claim for damages, so it is crucial to get a legal professional working on the case as soon as possible. Contact an Englewood boat accident lawyer for a consultation.

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