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Drunk Driving Truck Accidents in Loveland

Not every commercial truck driver acts responsibly when it comes to staying alert and aware of their surroundings, and that sometimes leads to traffic accidents with life-altering consequences for everyone involved.

Drunk driving truck accidents in Loveland can justify civil litigation in most situations, but getting a good result from your claim against the intoxicated truck driver who injured you and damaged your property can be difficult. When you want to give yourself the best chance of recovering fairly for all your compensable losses, contact a qualified truck accident attorney who has handled cases like yours successfully.

Understanding DUI Laws for Truck Drivers

For everyday drivers, operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or over 0.08 percent qualifies as driving under the influence. However, the legal limit for people like truck drivers who have special commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) and are on duty driving a commercial vehicle for work is 0.04 percent.

Even when a truck driver does not have an illegal BAC when tested by law enforcement officers, they can still be charged and convicted of DUI when a police officer believes they are impaired by any substance. Likewise, any trucker who has an intoxicating or illegal substance like cannabis, stimulants, or opioids detectable through a urine sample may be considered impaired and prosecuted for drunk driving based on that, especially when they end up involved in a truck accident in Loveland.

Are Drunk Truckers Always at Fault for Wrecks?

A truck driver who drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs has violated their “duty of care” toward other people on the road by acting recklessly and unlawfully. Anyone who causes a collision resulting in injury through such a “breach of duty” could be held liable for damages stemming from that wreck, as they have met all the criteria for legal “negligence.”

Drunk truck drivers involved in Loveland accidents are usually considered primarily at fault for the crash, but someone injured through such a crash may miss out on compensation when they are found partly to blame for the incident themselves—for instance, because they were riding in the blind spot of a truck driver who was drunk behind the wheel.

Per Colorado Revised Statutes §13-21-111, civil courts can reduce the value of an injured person’s final damage award or deny them compensation depending on the percentage of “comparative fault” they hold for their own injuries.

Contact a Loveland Attorney for Help with a Drunk Driving Truck Accident Lawsuit

While most truck drivers who cause crashes because they were driving while impaired are cited for DUI, that does not happen in every situation, and a police report may not make for a civil claim all by itself. The help of a seasoned legal professional could be key to getting the best possible case outcome regardless of the amount of available evidence.

You have important rights after being hurt in a drunk driving truck accident in Loveland that a lawyer can help you enforce. Call today to schedule a private consultation.


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