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At the end of a long workday, sometimes it is nice to just hop on the bus to get home. You do not have to worry about fighting your way through traffic and can take the time to relax, trusting that you will arrive at your home safely and in good time. Unfortunately, bus rides are not always safe, for passengers on the bus as well as others on the road.

When you are hurt in a bus collision, you deserve justice. A Loveland bus accident lawyer could help you seek justice for your physical, emotional, and financial losses by filing a personal injury suit.

Bus Crashes Can Cause Serious Injuries

Depending on the exact nature of a bus accident, injuries can vary. Bus passengers, people in other vehicles, and pedestrians can all become seriously injured when a bus veers out of control.

Injuries to Passengers

Passengers inside the bus can suffer serious harm from being jostled about in their seats. Because most buses do not have seatbelts, a crash or even a quick stop can cause passengers to move about or even be thrown from their seats. Passengers can also suffer harm when unsecured objects on the bus, such as purses, backpacks, and other luggage, fly through the air and hit them. Bus passengers in collisions frequently suffer head injuries, neck and back injuries, broken bones, bruises, and cuts.

People on the Ground

Occupants of other vehicles involved in crashes with buses also frequently suffer devastating injuries. Buses are capable of crushing cars due to the size differential between a massive bus and an automobile. People trapped inside cars often suffer life-threatening or fatal injuries. Pedestrians also face the risk of serious injuries in the event of a bus accident, seeing as they have nothing protecting them from thousands of pounds of metal and glass.

Many people involved in bus collisions also suffer emotional pain in addition to their physical injuries. A compassionate Loveland attorney could help a bus crash survivor and their family pursue justice for everything they have lost.

Some of the Reasons Why Buses Crash

Buses crash for a wide variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Inexperienced drivers – Just because people know how to drive a car does not mean that they can safely drive a large passenger bus. Companies need to hire experienced drivers and train them in how to handle a bus.
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding, running a red light, or otherwise driving recklessly to make up time
  • Drowsy driving – Long hours without company can lead to driver fatigue, resulting in careless mistakes or in a bus driver falling asleep while behind the wheel.
  • Defective or damaged parts
  • Third-party drivers who make driving mistakes, such as trying to illegally pass or drive around a stopped bus
  • Dangerous roadways due to inclement weather or roadway defects, such as potholes

Seasoned attorneys could comb through the police records, traffic camera footage, medical records, and other available evidence in order to determine precisely what happened and who is to blame for a bus wreck in Loveland. Lawyers could also speak with eyewitnesses and visit the crash scene to better understand what went wrong.

Contact a Loveland Bus Accident Attorney

Bus accidents can be complicated. Often, more than one party bears potential legal responsibility. If you recently suffered an injury or lost a loved one in a bus crash, a skilled local attorney could help you figure out what to do next.

A Loveland bus accident lawyer is ready to help you review your rights and legal options. Schedule your initial consultation today.

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