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Having your loved one suddenly taken away from you can bring immeasurable grief. Sudden death can also bring financial hardship. Without your loved one’s contribution to the household finances, you might find yourself unable to pay your bills and support your family.

When someone else’s negligence played a role in your loved one’s death, you might be eligible to pursue financial relief in a personal injury lawsuit. A Loveland wrongful death lawyer could help your family pursue accountability and financial stability.

Types of Compensation in a Wrongful Death Claim

While no amount of money can make up for the loss of a loved one, wrongful death claims can help families rebuild their lives by providing financial compensation. Wrongful death suits allow surviving family members to pursue recovery for both economic and non-economic losses.

Economic Losses

Economic damages include the quantifiable financial losses resulting from a loved one’s wrongful death. Family members can pursue recovery of the lost wages that their deceased loved one would have earned if they had not died. They can also seek recovery for their loved one’s lost job benefits. If the decedent contributed around the house by caring for the children or maintaining the property, the family could also pursue payments for these lost services.

Wrongful death damages awards can also help a decedent’s estate cover funeral and burial expenses, as well as the medical, ambulance, and emergency care expenses the decedent incurred from the injuries leading to their wrongful death.

Non-Economic Losses

A dedicated legal team could also help a family recover compensation for non-economic losses. While these types of damages are harder to calculate, a reliable attorney could help build a strong compensation case seeking damages for the loss of companionship, care, and comfort resulting from a loved one’s death.

While there are no caps on economic damages, state law does put a maximum cap on the amount of non-economic damages surviving family members may recover. A knowledgeable Loveland wrongful death attorney could explain how damage limits might apply to compensation in a particular case.

Who Can Pursue a Wrongful Death Claim?

Though many people may struggle with the sudden loss of a beloved relative, neighbor, or friend, not everyone can seek damages in a wrongful death suit. If the decedent was married, only their spouse has the right to sue within the first year after the death. If there is no surviving spouse, the decedent’s children or a designated beneficiary can pursue compensation. After the first year but within two years of the death, the spouse, children, or designated beneficiary all have the right to pursue legal action. If there is no spouse, children, or designated beneficiary, the decedent’s parents could also bring suit.

A Loveland attorney could explain the precise procedural guidelines for wrongful death claims during an initial consultation. This could help a family determine who has the right to take legal action in the decedent’s name.

A Loveland Wrongful Death Attorney Could Help You Fight For Justice

The untimely death of a beloved family member is always a tragedy, particularly when that death occurred because of another person’s carelessness, recklessness, or intentional misconduct. A skilled attorney could help you take legal action and obtain closure and accountability.

A Loveland wrongful death lawyer at Amy G Injury Law is prepared to provide your family support through every step of the claims process. Contact our office today to get started.

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