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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a program overseen by the Social Security Administration which provides monthly financial support to workers who have been rendered unable to hold gainful employment because of a long-term injury or illness. Anyone who has obtained sufficient work credits through consistent employment and who meets the SSA’s criteria for disability is eligible to receive SSDI benefits, something that millions of Americans around the country depend on.

Applying for and successfully obtaining SSDI benefits can be a lot harder in practice than it might seem on paper, especially if you try to go through the whole application process without guidance from a seasoned attorney. With a knowledgeable Loveland SSDI lawyer on your side, you will have far greater chances of minimizing errors in your application and getting all the benefits you need.

Who Is Eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance?

There are two main criteria that applicants must meet in order to be eligible for SSDI benefits: they must have enough covered work credits, and they must be disabled in the eyes of the Social Security Administration. The first of these criteria is the more straightforward of the two. To have a qualifying amount of work credits, someone must:

  • Pay payroll taxes on a certain amount of wages or self-employment income (a lawyer can provide more information on the exact amount)
  • Earn one work credit out of a maximum of four per calendar year
  • Have obtained at least 40 work credits in total and at least 20 years within the past ten years prior to becoming disabled in order to be eligible for SSDI (with certain exceptions)

Proving disability can be much more complex, since the SSA has a very specific definition of what constitutes disability for the purposes of SSDI. Someone is generally disabled enough to be eligible for SSDI if their medical condition prevents them from:

  • Doing work as they did previously,
  • Adjusting to a different type of work, or
  • Performing any kind of substantial gainful activity.

Additionally, someone’s condition must be expected to last for a minimum of one year or be terminal. A Loveland SSDI attorney can go into further detail about the criteria for these benefits during a confidential consultation.

Resolving Common Problems During the SSDI Application Process

Even if someone meets all the criteria for SSDI eligibility listed above, it can be extremely difficult to convince the Social Security Administration of that fact through the application process. Over half of all first-time SSDI applicants receive rejections from the SSA, often with relatively little guidance about what is wrong with their application or what additional information they need to provide.

Guidance from an experienced SSDI lawyer in Loveland is often vital to ironing out small procedural errors during the application process, providing sufficient documentation to establish disability and work qualifications, and addressing problems that the SSA has with an application. If necessary, a capable legal professional could also assist with formally appealing the SSA’s decision on an SSDI application, which can be a long and evidence-intensive process in even the best-case scenarios.

Seek Help from a Loveland SSDI Attorney Today

SSDI is an irreplaceable lifeline for millions of Americans who paid their dues while working and now need some help dealing with a long-term disability. However, obtaining SSDI benefits can be very difficult without legal help.

A Loveland SSDI lawyer could work tirelessly and tenaciously on your behalf to make sure your interactions with the SSA have a favorable final outcome. Call today to discuss your options.

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