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While Loveland has numerous dedicated bike trails and paths, there are also many places where bicyclists in the area must share the road with motor vehicle drivers. Unfortunately, not all drivers fulfill the duty they have under state law to respect the rights and personal space of bicyclists. A driver’s carelessness behind the wheel can lead to devastating and even fatal collisions, often with bicyclists suffering the most severe injuries.

If a negligent driver struck and injured you while you were on your bicycle, you may have grounds to pursue compensation, and assistance from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney could be key to doing that effectively and efficiently. No matter what injuries you sustained or how long they are expected to negatively impact your life, a tenacious Loveland bicycle accident lawyer could help you pursue every cent of the restitution you deserve.

Proving Someone Else at Fault for a Bike Crash

Under Colorado state law, motor vehicle drivers have an obligation to obey all traffic laws, pay attention to nearby vehicles, and generally act rationally and responsibly at all times while driving. They owe this “duty of care” equally to all other drivers on the road, as well as to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Any driver who recklessly or carelessly “breaches” their duty and causes an accident resulting in an injury serious enough to require professional medical care has met the criteria for legal negligence. Establishing negligence in this way is the primary means by which a bicyclist injured in a motor vehicle collision can hold the driver who hit them legally and financially liable for the accident.

Legally actionable negligence can look very different from case to case, and what counts as negligent behavior in one scenario might not be valid grounds for a lawsuit in another. The degree to which a bicyclist was negligent themselves in a way that contributed to causing their accident can also have a huge impact on the amount of civil compensation they can recover and even on whether they can recover anything at all. A Loveland bicycle wreck attorney could explain comparative fault and how it might affect a particular case.

Recovering for All Available Damages

Even at low speeds, collisions between multi-ton motor vehicles and unprotected bicyclists can cause catastrophic physical injuries with debilitating and sometimes lifelong consequences. Fair financial recovery for an accident like this must account for both past and future losses associated with the plaintiff’s injuries, including:

  • All medical expenses, including long-term costs of assistive equipment, physical therapy, and in-home care
  • Lost working ability and/or short-term income
  • Personal property damage, including bike replacement/repair costs
  • Physical discomfort and pain
  • Emotional and psychological suffering
  • Lost overall enjoyment of life

It is important to note that state law imposes limitations on the maximum compensation any personal injury plaintiff can recover for non-economic forms of harm. Working closely with a skilled lawyer can be crucial to getting the most money possible out of a bicycle accident claim in Loveland.

Contact a Loveland Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

Bicycle accident claims can be difficult to handle, especially while you are still dealing with the physical, financial, and personal losses that this sort of incident can cause. Having help from capable legal counsel may be key not just to maximizing the compensation available to you, but potentially to getting paid anything at all.

A conversation with a Loveland bicycle accident lawyer could give you clarity regarding your legal options and next steps. Learn more by calling today.

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