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Loveland Premises Liability Lawyer

When you visit your friend’s house for a neighborhood get-together, you likely do not expect to end the night at the emergency room. Similarly, when you shop at the local mall, you should not have to worry about slipping and suffering a severe injury. Unfortunately, accidents on others’ property are common and can be extremely dangerous.

If you are hurt while in another person’s home or business, you could be eligible to collect compensation in a personal injury suit. A dedicated Loveland premises liability lawyer could help you fight for what you deserve from the parties responsible for your losses.

Types of Dangerous Property Accidents

People can suffer injuries due to property owner negligence in many different scenarios. Most commonly, legal suits arise after slip and fall accidents, dog bites, swimming pool accidents, elevator or escalator accidents, fires, or exposure to dangerous or toxic substances.

In addition to accidental injuries, people who suffer injuries because of intentional violent acts on someone else’s property may also be able to hold the property owner responsible. For instance, if a tenant suffers harm in a violent assault because of negligent security in their apartment, they might be able to sue the landlord with the help of a seasoned Loveland premises liability attorney.

How Premises Liability Works in Loveland

Premises liability involves a subset of personal injury laws that come into play when someone suffers an injury while on another person’s property. Property owners have a legal responsibility to maintain their premises and keep it safe for legal visitors. To determine whether a property owner is liable for an accident, courts will evaluate whether the owner maintained their property with the same degree of care as another prudent property owner would have in similar circumstances. If a property’s caretaker or owner fails to diligently inspect their premises and repair any hazards, they could be financially responsible for the cost of a visitor’s injuries.

Diligent local attorneys have extensive experience helping injured people navigate premises liability claims. A skilled legal professional could further explain the procedural requirements of a lawsuit and what it takes to prove a property owner’s liability.

Potential Defendants in a Premises Liability Claim

While many people assume they can only hold the legal property owner responsible for their injuries, there is often more than one liable party in these cases. Generally, the party in legal control of the property during the accident bears responsibility for damages. A defendant could be any person or entity that owns, occupies, manages, or leases the premises.

Possible defendants in a premises liability claim include:

  • Homeowners
  • Business owners
  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • Property management companies
  • Property caretakers
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Retail stores

So long as a defendant had some sort of legal control over the property at the time injuries occurred on it, they could be responsible for damages. Seasoned Loveland attorneys could search for evidence pinpointing the cause of a premises liability accident to help identify responsible parties.

Call a Loveland Premises Liability Attorney

Property owners should carefully maintain their properties to ensure visitors will be safe. Careless property maintenance can lead to injuries ranging from minor bruising to life-long disabilities and even instances of wrongful death.

If a dangerous condition on another person’s property caused you or a loved one to suffer harm, you have legal options. Call a Loveland premises liability lawyer to discuss what happened to you and how our team could help.

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