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Loveland Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

You should be able to take medications without fearing unknown side effects or interactions that threaten your health. When a prescribed drug harms you, state law entitles you to file a lawsuit against the at-fault doctor, pharmacy, or pharmaceutical company. Filing a legal claim is often overwhelming to handle by yourself, so consider hiring an attorney to help.

A practiced Loveland dangerous drug lawyer at Amy G Injury Firm could serve as your advocate. At our firm, we fight for the rights of those injured or killed because of defective or mislabeled medications. Our experienced team of injury attorneys could support and guide you throughout the legal process.

Qualifying a Hazardous Medication

Drugs are deemed dangerous for various reasons. They may be hazardous because a doctor failed to inform a patient about the risk of severe side effects. A drug may be contaminated or expired, leading to severe injuries or even death.

An insufficient or incorrect label also renders a drug defective. For example, when the label or explanation of side effects is for a different drug than what is in the bottle, a drug may be dangerous. Likewise, the product may qualify as hazardous when a medication’s warning label downplays or omits critical information—like serious side effects.

Navigating state dangerous drug laws is difficult without a skilled attorney in Loveland. A legal representative could give an injured person and their family critical insight throughout the claims process, advocating for their best interest in court and during negotiations.

Pursuing Legal Damages

Colorado Revised Statutes § 13-80-106 allows those injured by a dangerous drug to file a product liability claim against almost anyone who interacted with the product before it reached the customer’s hands. For example, those who might be at fault include the doctor who prescribed the drug and did not discuss serious side effects or the manufacturer who allowed a harmful substance to contaminate the medication before it reached the market.

An injured person usually has two years to file a claim against an at-fault individual or organization. However, this deadline may vary depending on exceptions.

A well-versed Loveland hazardous medication lawyer has the training to navigate the nuances of product liability law. Our firm’s legal professionals could develop a robust strategy to secure compensation.

Reach Out to a Loveland Dangerous Drugs Attorney for Help

Dangerous medications can prevent you from engaging in things that matter to you. When you are hurt after taking prescribed medication, you may be able to pursue justice. You have the right to represent your interests in court, but hiring an attorney may help you succeed.

Our firm provides guidance to those injured by a contaminated, mislabeled, or dangerous medication. We are here to listen to your concerns and build a legal strategy that can further your interests and maximize your chance to receive compensation. Contact a Loveland dangerous drugs lawyer to schedule an initial appointment to discuss your case.

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